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How to become a trusted member

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How to become a trusted member

Postby Admin » 02 Jan 2011, 00:34 •  [Post 1]

These forums have two main sections:
- the public forums, where registered members can post and read
- the "trusted members" section, which is a private section where a number of members can post and view their pictures and trip reports semi-privately, as they are shared only among trusted members.

Access to the trusted members section is by invitation only.

We will invite:
- people who post and contribute a lot of original content like trip reports, mongering info.
- members of this forum who stand out by making a lot of valuable posts and support our forum's philosophy
- people recommended/vouched for by existing trusted members of this board
- people known personally to the mods or admins
- longstanding, respected and contributing members of other forums with a spotless reputation

Admittance to trusted group is not a reward for just posting pictures you have had for a while on your hard drive. Your character as a person matters to us more than how many trips you've made or how many ladyboys you've shagged.

Anyone who wishes to become a trusted member quickly can look through our list of trusted members (the names of trusted members are bold and in blue) and contact someone they know and ask them for an invite. Or else post a lot of original content.

Another way to become a trusted member is to meet a mod personally while they're in town and get them to vouch for you. Mods usernames are bold and in green.

We do not consider PM requests for trusted info without the requirements in blue being met

Have fun and be careful out there! :)
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