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Anyone else taken a LB out of a gogo bar for free?

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Anyone else taken a LB out of a gogo bar for free?

Postby lukkrung » 12 May 2014, 21:07 •  [Post 1]

Hey guys, long story short I want to know what my chances are of being able to take a ladyboy out of a gogo bar and have a ST with her for free - paying for her bar fine but not her service. Anyone else done this?

I've only hooked up with one ladyboy from a gogo bar and I did it without paying. I'm going to give you guys the story and some background for the purpose of my question. I don't think it's possible to do this without sounding like a douche but I'm going to try my best. Story in next post.

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Re: Anyone else taken a LB out of a gogo bar for free?

Postby lukkrung » 12 May 2014, 21:15 •  [Post 2]


So basically I'm a good-looking guy, especially by Thai standards. I'm 23 years old and half-Asian, which I'm sure most of you know the Thais like for the white skin and facial features. I also attribute this to being athletic and dressing well. Given this, I'm wondering if I'll be able to take a ladyboy out of a gogo bar without having to pay for her service.


I've only been to a ladyboy gogo bar once, which was Cascade in Bangkok. I went there with a friend of mine and was in there for about 10-20 minutes. Objectively speaking I can say that I was getting the most attention in the bar from the ladyboys, but I didn't want to talk to any of them because I knew I wasn't going to take one out and didn't want them trying to hassle me into doing so. It was the end of my trip and I didn't have much money left, so I didn’t want to pay for a ST.
I can’t remember the conversation very well but basically a ladyboy named Toei (picture in first post) came over and asked me if I wanted to leave with her. I told her I couldn’t pay and she said she’d go for free and pay for the room (one of those ST rooms), which she did. I didn’t pay a bar fine either so she either paid for that too or the bar just didn’t charge it, I don’t know.
I did end up paying for a taxi ride back to her place after I had hooked up with her once in the ST room (I was staying in a hostel so she couldn’t come to my place).

Back to my question:

My issue is that I don’t think Toei is one of the popular ladyboys. She certainly wouldn’t be my first choice and if I had to pay I wouldn’t have hooked up with her. I like the more petite and feminine ladyboys, which I believe are the most popular ones. Have any of you ever taken a ladyboy like that out of a bar for free, does it seem possible? Advice for doing so?
Once again I don’t mean to sound like a douche. I’m going back to Isaan soon and trying to decide whether I should take a detour to Bangkok first to hook up with some ladyboys.

Thanks for reading.
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