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Ernestos Winterjourney 2009/2010 XII

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Ernestos Winterjourney 2009/2010 XII

Postby Ernesto » 23 Nov 2013, 15:30 •  [Post 1]

now here isthe next part of this trip

Bohol day 2
At breakfast I realized that there were just a very few guests, a dry couple of undefined origin and two old Swedes, almost beyond good and bad with two akward young girls, more or less children,the guys were close to child abuse . The view of those four was not elevating. :red:
Now in daylight I realized that I was not far from the beach where the whole action was going on.I laid down for a while on the beach until the next rain came up.On the way to the beach I had noticed a sexy girl in front of a massage parlor who gave me a provocating smile when I passed by. She had mega melone titts, too big to be true and my ladyboy radar was on alert. So I turned back and she was still sitting there.
"massage?", "how much ?" "400" - agreed !
I had to wait a little outside as she still had to fix the "massage-table" as actually it was just a hairdresser.As I later found out she just had put two boards between two chairs and a blanket on top.
"You like it strong ?" "back strong the rest soft !"It did not take long until she could not refrain from brushing against my balls what did not fail in a longer run ."Turn around!" and she had my cock in her hand.now she started bargaining, "finish total 2000 Bhat". but such a boner I could not have to accept this offer and most of all I had only taken 1000 Bhat with me.But finally she was happy with that but now I started my game.She had fixed her cock deep between her legs but enthough I could feel that there was some movement.. Now I did not keep her on tenterhooks anymore, "You can leave me your cock,I like it ".Hooray and the slip was down ! "You lick me ?" Of course sweety and hey presto! I had her cock in my mouth. As most of the pinay ladyboys she was cut and the little pice of skin hanging down I had to get used to.Baby got more and more horny, " Can I fuck you ?" "Principally yes, but where?" She dragged me to the backward corner of the little room , I had to bend down and her cock was inside.It could not have lasted much more than a minute when she started moaning "I am coming now !" After that we went back to the layer as actually I should have been the important one. Outside the rain was pouring down, heavy drops were falling on the tin roof and with so much backstage music my few drops did not make any difference.
We talked long after the rain had finished, whereby she told me that her "Pamela Andersson titts" had been made in Japan, five years ago where she had performed in a cabaret. There will soon be a general repair necessary as sillies usually dont last much more than seven years. She came from the countryside of Bohol from the famous Chocolate hills and she was working just a few days here on the beach, mainly as hairdresser and beautician. She had no sex for two month, absolutely believable with that cumspeed !She also had a friend for a threesome but now I had not the right room anymore as the owner of the Chart hotel was a German lady and a good friend of my acquaintance and also the house rules which I had to sign when moving in were rather strict. Now I regretted that I had changed hotel and did not stay at the Harmony where everything had been possible.
In the evening hundreds of lights went on on the beach, the numerous restaurants had put their tables untill the shore, the display caseswere filled with fish and fresh seafood and I had not eaten since breakfast !
Though beeing the first guest I was waiting more than half an hour for my grilled tiger prawn, I dont want to see how long it would take when the place was really crowded.
With a few glasses of well chilled white wine and an excellent Lapu-Lapu I enjoyed the mild evening, only disturbed by the carol singers, begging children going from table to table and trying to sing christmas songs, terribly out of tune. I chased them repeatedly away what was not due my hard-heartedness but due to my experience.
On a neighbouring table a tourist made the mistake to give them some money and the rumor had spread like wildfire among the kids and after two had finished the next two arrived.Somewhen it started to get through to the good man that he had made a mistake but now it was too late as the sweet little kids started to be insistent, they did not accept that their predecessors had got money and they not.
Sylvia, my afternoon fuck, had told me that she used to be with her friend around 11 pm at the OOPs Bar or at the COCO VIDA, so I went back and had a little nap and went back later to the bar.But there were no ladyboys and not much life either so I withdraw definitely from Bohols nightlife.
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Re: Ernestos Winterjourney 2009/2010 XII

Postby manarak » 23 Nov 2013, 16:20 •  [Post 2]

very informative read as always, good job :clap:
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Re: Ernestos Winterjourney 2009/2010 XII

Postby vagabondo » 25 Mar 2014, 05:47 •  [Post 3]

:clap: Ernesto sei un grandeeee.... :happy:
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