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Winterjourney 2009 /2010 VII

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Winterjourney 2009 /2010 VII

Postby Ernesto » 07 Mar 2013, 12:41 •  [Post 1]

Winterjourney 2009/2010 VII

Angeles day 5

It was the first night on this trip that I really slept well, I was so run down that even the loud music coming up from the Camelot bar could not disturb my nighttime peace.
When I woke up it was already 11, it was a sunny day and therefore outside burning hot. I walked around for more than one hour in the heat, loaded down a larger amount of Pisos as I was not sure if the ATMs would be filled over the holidays,and I had to pay my room in cash the next day.
At the Kokomos the expats hung on the balustrade,wrecked old men, marked by life and alcohol, who were stranded here or had, after retiring ,returned to the old Clark base where they had done their service in their younger days. I was looking for a seat for breakfast, but not among these smoking grays. So I went on to the former Krung Thai .Due to language problems I got totally five eggs different style, :D but no problem as I was appropriate hungry.After breakfast I took a walk on Raymond Street along to have a look on the three bars at the end of the street right beside the church. In a mongers report one had called them the 3 "Church brothels". I stopped at he one in the middle where a funny and friendly girl invited me " Come in - Christmas Blow Job !" She was nice and wanted to come with me for 700 , but the whole atmosphere in this bar, where some Philippino pimps played pool, was not enough stimulating, here everything was even more dirty and filthy than on Santos Road. :puke: I realized that I started getting tired of Angeles , this cheap hustle and bustle on lowest level was not my kind of life in a longer run , by the way, the same problem I get after a few days in Pattaya.Unimaginable to spend the rest of my life on such a place,as so many others do !
I must have been still totally exhausted as I had just laid down on my bed as I fell again asleep for more than two hours.But before my departure I should have seen at least a few GoGo Bars on Fields Ave from inside, so I took a turn through a few of the minor bars, the big bars like "Blue Nile","Dollhouse" etc. I ignored on purpose, that was just a pure rip-off and a waste of time and money. :red: In the "Vodoo", just next to Kokomos ,they had about 25 girls, two beers (happy hour) were 95 Pisos, - a few guys, I guess from India, with a testosteron level up to the roots of their hair, had a real binge, they rubbed their rutty bodies with the dancers, :lol: I had seen enough and left. Next stop the "Diamonds" a smaller and more decent place, the beer 45 pisos (no happy hour) here they had just about 10 girls,I drank only half of my SML and crossed Fields for "Treasure islands"
Outside a real stunner, 19 years old ,she joined me inside and stayed at my table. The beer 75 Pisos, during daytime they had 13 girls, nice atmosphere, my little girl was a real sweetie, what was hurting me that every asshole could have her for 1300 Pisos, but that´s life ! :cry:
I really have to think about to take her out before my leaving !
I went on to Santos still looking for the "Pickup Disco" but I could not find the place , probably it had been closed. When I passed by the "WOW" , a minibar on the corner of Vian Street, there were 4 girls standing outside, Marisel a real sweetie with 18 ! :lub: , Sacha 19, Christine 23 and Annabelle the mamasan with 40.
Business was down to zero and I was not a serious candidate either as I had already made up my plans for a Christmas party wit the Rios girls, but maybe I could have a midnight mass after opening the Christmas presents ?
I let one of the girls bring some food from the Jollie Bee, for after all 500 Pisos, and promised to come back before their closing time at midnight.
Now it got time for the Rios Bar,as they should close at 8 pm. Big Hello , but I just wanted to make all clear for the rest of the evening ,but now I made a big mistake.
As Mamasan had got wind of that I planned a major session after closing time she permanently prowled around my table trying to realize the barfines , I told Celine to choose out the girls herself and follow later, while I left the bar.When they knocked on my door they were just two of them, Celine and Patricia, the sweet little one, who had highly qualified at yesterdays BJ round, was not in the team, obviously she did not suit Celine. :(
Apart from that it was not a great party,the click was missing, even Celine was unsually inhibited and not that lovely and relaxed as before. :oops: After one hour I sent them away - that had not been the Christmas party I had in mind, but I still had the girls from the WOW Bar up my sleeve. But - No such luck !
At 11 pm the "WOW" was already pitch dark, - annoying :-x - ,the four girls could have made me real nice Christmas party ! :cry:
So back, a late dinner at Margarita Station and for a last drink into the Camelot. There was still a lot of good talent available - dancers, waitresses all for 1300 Barfine (all inclusive) :drunk: - but I did not have either the power nor the desire to prolong this evening anymore. I just had to go two floors upstairs and had reached my bed.
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Re: Winterjourney 2009 /2010 VII

Postby Ernesto » 07 Mar 2013, 12:57 •  [Post 2]

Merry Christmas :drunk:
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