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Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 11 Sep 2017, 13:51 •  [Post 1]

– Police say case under active investigationFifty-six-year-old Jagmohan Bissessar of Parfait Harmonie, West Bank Demerara, simply didn’t have the will to work yesterday. He has been depressed ever since learning of the disappearance of his 32-year-old son, Omkar Narine Bissessar. His emotional state is compounded by his belief that police on the West Coast of Demerara seem uninterested in the case.According to the man whose trade is carpentry, Omkar Narine Bissessar,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who is the second of his three children, reportedly went missing between August 6 and 7, last. He however learnt of this on the afternoon of August 8, from his daughter-in-law, Shanti, who shared a domicile with his son at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo.The man said that his son’s wife,Cheap Jerseys From China, whom he wedded about six months ago, informed him by way of telephone that she and his son had “a li’l misunderstanding” on August 6, and she left the home and returned the following day. Bissessar said that the woman claimed that when she returned she saw blood in the house. She also claimed she saw blood on a shirt that his son was believed to have been wearing when she left the home. He however noted that the woman never told him of the nature of the misunderstanding she had with his son, neither did she say where she went during which time his son went missing.“She nah say if dem fight or nothing but she just say she left the house,” said the evidently troubled man yesterday as he related that the woman insisted that she has not seen his son since.Missing: Omkar Narine Bissessar with his children a few years ago.Distressed father: Jagmohan BissessarHe recalled being told by Shanti that she reported the matter to the Leonora Police Station after seeing the blood, but was advised by a rank to “wash down the blood.” The woman, according to Bissessar, said that no police rank took a statement from her, neither visited the home.“She got to be a mad woman…who gonna just wash out blood when somebody missing and the police ain’t come,” questioned the man, who stressed that “me and she had a big quarrel on the phone about that.”Concerned by the utterances of his daughter-in-law, Bissessar said that he started calling his son’s mobile phone but he got a voicemail recording. The following day (Sunday August 9),NFL Jerseys Outlet, the man said that he, accompanied by his eldest son, headed to the East Bank Essequibo home of his son.There was not much to be seen, as according to him, no blood stains were visible. The woman was also unable to show them the bloodied shirt that belonged to his son.“Me son ask she where the bloody shirt deh and she say in the backyard, he look and no shirt there. He ask she again about the shirt and she say how she wash it and it on the line, but no clothes was on the line. Then she say how she throw it overboard,” recalled an upset Bissessar.The man said that he and his son searched the entire house, yard and the neighborhood for his missing son to no avail. He disclosed that he also questioned a neighbour who reportedly had an issue with his son but made no headway in learning of his son’s whereabouts.“Something fishy with this whole thing,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic,” the man said, as he recalled heading to the Police Station to make a missing person’s report. Both Bissessar and his son gave statements based on what his daughter-in-law related to them.According to him, the neighbour also visited the station and gave a statement insisting that he had nothing to do with the man’s disappearance.But Bissessar is worried that nothing is being done about his son’s disappearance. He is convinced that something sinister has happened to his son.“We searched for days…we search hospital; every missing person or unidentified dead person we checking on and nothing so far,” said the distraught man who noted that his search for his son even reached Suriname, where his son’s former wife resides.The man has three children (twin girls and one boy believed to be nine and 14 respectively) with his former wife, who had resided with him and his current wife before they were removed from the home recently by Child Services,Cheap Jeseys NFL, according to Bissessar. He intimated that his son started to have a lot of “problems” within the past six months.“I believe somebody knows what happen and I just want to know the truth,” the man pleaded yesterday. “I don’t know who else to turn to,” said Bissessar almost in tears. He is appealing to the Commissioner of Police and the Home Affairs Minister to take interest in his son’s case in the hope that he will be able to determine what really led to his disappearance.However,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China, when this publication contacted the Leonora Police Station yesterday, an officer there stated that the matter is one that is under active investigation.   The officer also disclosed that a statement was taken from the missing man’s wife, but divulged nothing further.
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