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Funny Moments with ladyboy

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Funny Moments with ladyboy

Postby Jassem » 30 Mar 2014, 20:01 •  [Post 1]

hey.First time posting :) so let me just say.i am happy to be here reading all these awesome experiences you people had.What a wonderful forums.anyway.I wanted to create this topic hoping that its not copied or already made in the paste.forgive me if i missed that

I want to share my story with a ladyboy i met last jan in Ko Samui.Sadly.It was my first time in this island.not very experienced and rather disspointed with the nightlife there but anyway.2 AM i was walking into some random bar and there she is came to me right away when i ordered a drink.very beautiful half Chinesse 170 tall ladyboy.ofc i bought her a bear and we had the usual conversation.funny thing.i know all along that she is a ladyboy meanwhile she is pretending she is a real GIRL and she THINKS that i see her as a girl which i find pretty hilarious but anyway.she asked me for 1 thousands baht for full night which i find pretty cheap.i was like oooookkk !!!!!! lol we went to the hotel.had some snacks and some chatting.i went to take a shower than i saw this weird super shy face and covering her little penis when i got out.she is still fucking pretending she is a girl.i told her.hey.its all good.dont worry. I know you are ladyboy since i first saw you yet she is still pretending she is a girl.it almost felt like SHE WANTED to be a girl which thats probably the case here :P i saw the situation getting akward so i completely changed the topic and moved to other until she broke the news to me and told me.i am sorry i am a ladyboy.i giggled at her face ( and laughed my ass off inside ) and told her.ohh i know this already lol !!! told her.you dont have to hide you..i choose you because you are ladyboy not a girl.so no need to pretend you are one

anyway.its just funny story i wanted to share .it will be cool to see other funny story from you guys !!! GO !!!
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Re: Funny Moments with ladyboy

Postby manarak » 31 Mar 2014, 09:10 •  [Post 2]

welcome to the forum :)
That happened to me as well :)
I guess after some time everyone who likes LBs has a similar story
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