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Pleasure then fright then relief now i want more

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Pleasure then fright then relief now i want more

Postby 1timeonly » 22 Jan 2014, 20:50 •  [Post 1]

I would like to share my experience when i visited Bangkok in 2011.
I went on a business trip on behalf of my company, met my driver(designated to drive me to and from business locations),
and i was dropped off at my hotel. After unpacking i decided to go to the bar across the street and have a drink. Man there were so many ladyboys in there and they all smelled great and looked even better. Since i never had sex or even made out with one in my life i was nervous. A perfect ladyboy approached the counter so i offered to pay for her drink. We went and had a seat and during a few drinks we chatted and i got a brief rundown on how the system works and the prices. I paid the bar fine which was 500 and then i paid her 2000. She paid for a short time room which was not far away because she said she would not go to my apartment. We had a shower then i had the most amazing sex i had ever experienced. I always imagined it but when i was actually sucking on that cock with no rubber on while looking at that gorgeous body was spectacular. She put on the rubbers and we took turns going in each other until we both came.
During the next few days i had sex with a few other ladyboys but none felt as good. I went back and met her again and again (knowingly breaking all the rules) and having unprotected oral and anal sex. I cant even remember how many times the ladyboy came in me but at the time it just felt right. My last night the ladyboy came to my apartment and stayed the night with me. she said i spent so much money on her that she wanted to give me a proper farewell. We had unbelievable sex that night. It was only when i got back to the US when all my senses hit me. I was scared for about a year thinking i had caught something for sure from her. 3 months ago i went and got tested for a second time and the results came back negative.
Now i will wait to do 1 more test just to ease my mind for sure and then i will start planning on how to control this thirst i have for this ladyboy. Its like every time i have sex with a regular girl it just feels boring. I even went to a gay bar and hit on a lot of guys and ended up trying it out(protected of course) and still even when i penetrated them or when they went in me it was nothing like my thai ladyboy. I will never forget or regret my experience in bangkok.
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