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Admin's free software: texteditor Textpad

A few members here and myself know our way pretty well around windows and the internet and can assemble a computer without directions. We don't know everything, but we'll be happy to help.

Admin's free software: texteditor Textpad

Postby Admin » 06 Feb 2011, 18:14 •  [Post 1]

You just need to write or edit a text without fluff?

Notepad doesn't cut it?

Or is the filesize too big for Wordpad/Notepad the 2 Windows siamese brother-dwarves?

Try Textpad:
- I haven't yet come across a file too big for it (I opened a log of 4GB already using it)
- easy to use: it creates an entry in the contextual menus, so just right-click a file and select "textpad"
- tons of features you will not notice if you don't use them: http://www.textpad.com/products/textpad/features.html

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