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Japan Newhalf (LB) Scene

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Japan Newhalf (LB) Scene

Postby tomr » 16 Jan 2012, 03:13 •  [Post 1]

In Japan they are called NewHalf, and are accepted in society to a certain extant.
You can see them on TV occasionally. Cross dressing for comedy and drama has a long history in Japan.
NH shows are popular forms of entertainment (for everyone) and can be found in major cities. Some of the showgirls will date customers (for money or for free even).
Gays are also accepted to a certain extant.

The newhalf p4p and dating scene is active. It is not illegal to have oral or anal sex (for money), so there are shops in the main cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

There is little discrimination against foreign men, unlike the GG p4p scene where it can be hard to get serviced.

Prices are in line with a developed economy. Short times of 10,000 ($120) for 30min oral only. One hour is about 15-18,000 ($200). Service is good and ripoffs extremely rare. Ladies are tested and shops legit, although there are some underground shops which are probably dodging the taxman.

The biggest barrier is language, but some NH like to travel and have a decent level of English.

There are dating opportunities, via online and by going to NH bars/shows.

Here is a site in English that features Japanese NH http://www.shemale-japan.com/tour/
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