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Sydney and Melbourne

Our members compile a guide for each country in a collaborational effort.

Sydney and Melbourne

Postby fencesitter » 25 Sep 2011, 07:22 •  [Post 1]

Are there any post op Asian trannie hangouts or massage/fs place.

Sorry , Not interested in anything than post op Asians
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Re: Sydney and Melbourne

Postby koykaeng » 11 Sep 2012, 09:45 •  [Post 2]

There are certainly options in Melbourne if you are willing to make some effort.

I admit that the pre ops outnumber the post ops, but you can usually find a few post ops in the mix;



http://www.cromwellmanor.com.au/html/tr ... index.html

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Postby Walterram » 07 May 2017, 10:06 •  [Post 4]

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