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Seoul and Singapore

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Seoul and Singapore

Postby Mistersmith1970 » 29 Aug 2011, 21:44 •  [Post 1]

I'll be in Seoul next week and Sing the week after (10th Sept on) - am a newbie to Seoul so looleads for and appreciate any leads anyone...? Same goes for Sing, though I'm there often, wondered if there were any hidden gems besides my usual haunt Crazy Horse, or online...?
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Re: Seoul and Singapore

Postby tstrek » 08 Sep 2011, 12:26 •  [Post 2]

In Singapore there is always Orchard Towers located on the corner of Claymore Road and Orchard Road. During the day the building functions as a retail and office style building, but the building is best known as an entertainment complex described as the "Four Floors of Whores". There are various bars and clubs catering to many tastes including ladyboys. Orchard Towers serves as an establishment where clients are able to meet and pick up prostitutes of all types. These prostitutes are mostly freelancers who are in Singapore on tourist visas and thus working illegally, and the complex is thus regularly raided by police. They are primarily from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and a few from mainland China. Some ladyboys like May travel back and forth between Singapore and Pattaya. By the way, there is an outside bar in front of the Marriott hotel and I have picked up some beautiful ladyboys there from Cebu City, Philippines.
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Re: Seoul and Singapore

Postby helendd » 04 Jul 2013, 12:11 •  [Post 3]

I am visiting Singapore soon, is there any ladyboy show bars in the city?
Or other Lb shows?
Any nice lb to reccomend?
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Re: Seoul and Singapore

Postby manarak » 11 Jul 2013, 09:08 •  [Post 4]

SHows I don't know, but there are 2 bars in the "4 floors of whores", i.e. Orchard Towers shopping complex, which is located on Orchard Road opposite the Hilton hotel.
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Re: Seoul and Singapore

Postby Rimmsnlicks » 12 Apr 2014, 15:24 •  [Post 5]

Hi guys,

I am new to the forum but live in Sing, there is also Rowell Road in Little India. Here there are Thais, Indians and Malay ladyboys. The Malays and Indians are mainly from Malaysia. They charge about $30 Sing and they have rooms upstairs. You will find 2 sets of girls one with the Malays and Indians and another with Thais. The only downside is the rooms and the beds are of a very low standard. Also if you are white there is a surcharge unfortunately cause they believe they can.

You can also find street walkers in Geylang at Lorong 16 and some in Lorong 18 too. I have had Thais, Cambodians and even local Singapore Malays and chinese. The girls here will tKe you to rooms and they cost about $10 and the girls charge between $30 and $50. They're sort time hotels there which only cost $30 for 2 hours if you prefer.

Then there is Changi village it is a Carpark where ther are street walkers but you really need a car to pick them up. Again they range between $30 and $50.

Let me know if you need more info.

Of course there is craiglist which has a lot of Phiili ladyboys asking an average of $150 for a short time.

Good luck.

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Re: Seoul and Singapore

Postby David615 » 18 Oct 2015, 14:18 •  [Post 6]

i am heading to Singaore next month and any contact and comments will be welcome
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Howto Review Info

Postby BillieAcari » 29 Aug 2017, 20:25 •  [Post 8]

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Postby BillieAcari » 29 Aug 2017, 20:33 •  [Post 9]

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