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Meeting non p4p ladyboys

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Meeting non p4p ladyboys

Postby Jake » 12 May 2011, 17:06 •  [Post 1]

I thought it might be good to put our thoughts and stuff here for those that look for ladyboy girlfriends etc.

Dating sites we can use:


Feel free to add more options with details.

But remember 1 thing. These are non p4p encounters. Lb's are like normal girls. They can be picky, snotty, rude, anything but desperate for companionship. You have to win them over, its not like walking into a ladyboy bar and the girls flock to you.
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Re: Meeting non p4p ladyboys

Postby friedfrunk » 12 May 2011, 18:38 •  [Post 2]

555 facebook

I set up a separate facebook account just to add ladyboys. It's also a way to see more pix of online dating gals. Many of these ladyboys have facebook. So I search for them using their email or name, and add em if found.
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Re: Meeting non p4p ladyboys

Postby Malakor » 13 May 2011, 20:05 •  [Post 3]

Also on www.face-pic. com, but I don't think many go there anymore.
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