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the LB monger's guide to
* all information provided is not guaranteed to be accurate, use at your own risk
please reply in this thread to add info or to correct mistakes

- general comments about the people, climate, political climate, religious climate, etc.
Tropical climate with temperatures around 32°C in the day, around 28°C in the night.
Unstable politics, but without risks for tourists if one avoids the occasional "hot areas".
People are very friendly and your life is in general very safe in Thailand, your belongings less so, since Thais like to "scam" tourists. Use your brain.
Also be careful about your drink in the bars and in your room, since another common trick is to drug and then rob the tourists.
92% of Thais are Buddhist and very tolerant towards alternative lifestyles.
Avoid to elevate your voice, and avoid at all costs to be involved in a fight.

- sample prices for a beer, hotel room, dinner, taxi
In general everything is cheap in Thailand, except imported goods.
A middle class hotel room costs around 1400 baht, dinner in a restaurant can be had for around 250 baht including a beer.
A Chang beer in a restaurant costs between 40 and 80 baht.
Taxi: 150 baht gets you almost through Bangkok.

- legal situation of homosexuality
there are no special laws against homosexuality

- legal situation of prostitution
Simple prostitution (prostitute/customer) is legal in Thailand if done discreetly (as a customer, you theoretically risk a maximum fine of 1000 baht if you negociate the p4p price very loudly on the street - but I have yet to hear about a customer being fined in relation with prostitution).
It is however illegal to advertise prostitution and for third persons to benefit from the revenues of prostitution, so brothels, escort services, etc. are illegal. The bar fine system operates in a grey zone.
The legal age for prostitutes is 18 - do not have sex with persons under 18, this is a serious crime in Thailand punished by long prison sentences.

- other legal matters
* smoking
smoking is prohibited in public buildings and in bars. if you smoke in the street, don't throw the butts away, since littering carries a fine.
* drugs
Drug trafficking is punished by death and drug usage (proven by blood test) by heavy prison sentences. Don't be stupid - don't use drugs in Thailand, and wait a few days if you used drugs before boarding the plane.
* alcohol
no restrictions from the consumer's point of view.
* EDM & other medication
Erectile dysfunction medication as well as some other medication such as antibiotics and sleeping pills are on the list of prescription drugs in Thailand and should theoretically only be sold upon presentation of a prescription. However, many are sold over the counter, including the popular Kamagra Jelly, for about 1500 baht for a box of 50.
* traffic laws
Drunk driving from 0.05 % alcohol. Motorcycle riders are required to wear a helmet.
* Misc.
Thais love their King and a rather draconian lèse majesté law is in place. Under no circumstance should you be disrespectful to the King of Thailand or the Royal Family, or you could end up in jail for quite a long time.

- how are the LBs in general (appearance, mood, attitude, etc.)
Thai ladyboys are in my opinion the best-looking in the world.
They are in general kind, cheerful and honest, but attitude depends on the individual.
So keep your wits with you, and secure your belongings.

- P4P modus operandi (i.e. in bars, in brothels, escorts services, street prostitution, disco, etc.)
The main venues for LB mongering are LB bar and the street (freelancers).
In bars, there will be a "barfine", i.e. when you take a girl out of a bar, she effectively quits work and the bar must be "compensated" for losing an employee. Barfines range between 300 and 600 baht, usually 300 in Pattaya.
The money for the girls is separate and more or less standard and usually doesn't come up in a conversation.

- price ranges ST/LT
In Bangkok and Phuket, prices are higher in LB bars. Count between 1000 and 2000 baht for short time, depending on how busy the LB is, and about 2000 to 4000 for long time, again depending on the LB's status and the time of the day (prices tend to go down when it is late).
In other areas like Pattaya or Chiang Mai (or for out-of-the-way freelancers in BKK), ST is between 500 and 1000 baht, and long time between 1000 and 2000 baht, again depending on the status of your "conquest".

- hotel policies (are hotels GF or not)
Thai hotels have a "joiner policy", which details if and how much joiners (guests) you are allowed to take into your room. Some hotels refuse joiners, some charge for joiners, some charge only for persons in excess of 2 (so the first person is free if you are alone).
So check the hotel policy before booking. Ask on the forums, or ask the hotel directly if you are unsure.


- short comment about the city
Bangkok is Thailand's only big city. With 10 million inhabitants, Bangkok is a megapolis often choking in traffic jams. It is a shopper's paradise. Best ways to get around are taxis, the skytrain (BTS) and subway (MRT). Motorbike taxis when traffic jams block the streets.

- moneychangers
The best I found is VASU, situated next to Nana BTS Station, on the corner of soi 7/1, across soi 6.

- pharmacies
One pharmacy is situated inside Foodland on soi 5. Just after you enter, head left, there is a counter selling meds. They have almost everything you could wish for, just ask.

- transport & taxis, car or scooter rentals
Taxis are very cheap in Bangkok. 150 baht will get you almost across the whole city.
About scooter or car rentals, I don't know, but who would rent a car or scooter when taxis are so cheap?

- entertainment districts
There are three main red light districts in Bangkok catering to foreigners: Patpong, Nana and soi Cowboy, all of which have a BTS station nearby. Nana Plaza, with 4 exclusive ladyboy bars and approx. 1000 ladyboys working there can be considered the intergalactic center of ladyboy activity. While Patpong has quite a bunch of ladyboys in clubs like King's Castle III, they are relatively rare in Soi Cowboy.
Freelancers are commonly found night and day around lower Sukhumvit. Non-english speaking freelancers can be found all over BKK, usually at night, waiting for thai car-driving customers, for example around Petchaburi MRT station.
There are many Thai red light locations around Bangkok, but most only have GG (genetic girls).

- accommodation
Many hotels around Sukhumvit and Silom, and there are also many serviced apartments.
A list would be too long, please check http://www.wgfriendly.com

- LB mongering venues
* Nana Plaza: In Nana Plaza, you will find mostly pre-op LBs. The best bar is probably Cascades (a good mix of all types of LB). Other bars are: Obsessions (mostly petite and young looking LBs, ost take hormones and don't get hard), Temptations: a smaller bar, but not to be ignored, Casanova: LBs there are usually more of the amazonian type, but they happen to have a few very feminine stunners. Guess bar is located near Nana plaza, it is a smaller but friendly bar, featuring a pool table.
* Patpong: King's Castle III is a bar where girls, pre-op LB and post-op LBs are mixed. Maybe there are others.
If you want to enjoy one of the famous banana shows without being ripped off, visit Queen's Corner.


- short comment about the city
Pattaya, also known for some under the name "Sodom by the sea", can basically be considered to be a "giant open air brothel" when the time is past 6 pm. Pattaya is a real fun town, ideal for partying non-stop.
Pattaya is situated by the sea, so the climate is a bit fresher than Bangkok, often with a refreshing breeze coming from the sea. The beach however is rather useless because the water is very dirty (the city rejects used water into the sea), and because of many tourists who don't know about the water quality. Jomtien is situated about 5 Km south from Pattaya, the water there is slightly cleaner. Clean water can be found at Koh Larn, the island facing Pattaya, or at the beaches around Sattahip, about 30 Km south of Pattaya.
Naklua is a neighboring city directly north of Pattaya.

- moneychangers
The best I found is an indian money changer in Walking Street [exact location needed]

- pharmacies
[good pharmacies needed]

- transport & taxis, car or scooter rentals
Taxis in Pattaya (yellow and blue color) are useless - they are a rip off and never turn on their meters.
The easy way to get around in Pattaya are the so called "baht buses". They are dark blue pick-up trucks custom fitted with a passenger cabin/roof on the back. They stop if you wave at them, and cost 10 baht a ride. To stop, use one of the bell buttons inside the cabin.
They all have some kind of route to follow, but it can change during the ride... usual routes are Pattaya-Jomtien (loading/waiting at the intersection Pattaya Tai - Thappraya Road) and the beach road - second road roundturn (but they will sometimes turn early before reaching the Naklua roundabout). When taking a baht bus, you can only be sure that it will go for some time in the direction it was going just before you hired it. If it leaves the route you were hoping for, just jump off and wait for another one (don't forget to pay the driver).
Scooter rentals are all over the city, for 150 baht a day or 1000 baht a week. Check that your scooter is insured.
[a few reliable renters needed]
Car rentals are also common, check that the car has first class insurance
[a few reliable car renters are needed]
If you need to rent a car with driver, contact Mr.T (mr_ttaxi@hotmail.com or +66 (0)8 12 58 77 16) or another reliable private taxi company.

- entertainment districts
Central Pattaya, between soi Bukhao and beach road can be considered a giant open air brothel.
On beach road, freelancers, GG and LBs are found throughout the day, but mostly in the evening.
Walking street come to life when regular shops close, at about 18:00 to 19:00.
In the night, LB freelancers are found mainly in Walking Street and by the Starbucks café in soi 13/1.
While most bars throughout the the city open at around 18:00, soi 6 bars begin working at around 12:00.
Gay bars are mainly located in soi 13/4 and Sunee Plaza, as well as Dongtan beach in Jomtien.
Except the main entertainment venues between soi Bukhao and Beach road and walking street, we can also mention "drinking street" on second road (near the Naklua roundabout), Naklua entertainment (around soi 29 Naklua) and Jomtien (around Dongtan to soi 7 Jomtien).
But bars are everywhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere.

- accommodation
http://www.wgfriendly.com can help here too, although there are also other good hotels like the Pattaya Bay Resort or the infamous ultimate monger hotel, the Penthouse: http://www.penthousehotel.com/?referrer ... iendly.com
Besides hotels, many people are happy with staying at serviced apartments, such as Mosaik or diamond place, or guesthouses, which are even cheaper.

- LB mongering venues
they are legion, all over the town.
La Bamba:
Famous/Ezy Bar:
Nice2 bar:
Sally's Bar:
Linda bar:
Jenny star bar:
Hot tuna bar:
Pook's Bar:
Pook Swan bar:
Family bar Naklua:
Hi Boss bar:
So what / lucky love bar:
Koyo 7 bar:
Luxor bar:
in addition to these bars, single LBs can be found in many other bars. They are everywhere.
[need to add location and style of each bar]


- short comment about the city

- moneychangers

- pharmacies

- transport & taxis, car or scooter rentals

- entertainment districts

- accommodation

- LB mongering venues

Chiang Mai

- short comment about the city

- moneychangers

- pharmacies

- transport & taxis, car or scooter rentals

- entertainment districts

- accommodation

- LB mongering venues
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