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the international LB country guide - whazzat?

Our members compile a guide for each country in a collaborational effort.

the international LB country guide - whazzat?

Postby Admin » 03 Feb 2011, 18:24 •  [Post 1]

I just got the idea to write some LB guides per country.
Anyone knows his way around Thailand, but what about Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, etc.? er even Western Countries or places like the Emirates?

There will be only one thread per country, and each thread will contain the country guide in the first post, which will be created and then edited by Admin or a Mod.
Use the country's thread to add info.

Here is the structural skeleton I imagine to be useful about each country:

the LB monger's guide to
* all information provided is not guaranteed to be accurate, use at your own risk
please reply in this thread to add info or to correct mistakes

- general comments about the people, climate, political climate, religious climate, etc.

- sample prices for a beer, hotel room, dinner, taxi

- legal situation of homosexuality

- legal situation of prostitution

- other legal matters
* smoking
* drugs
* alcohol
* traffic laws
* Misc.

- how are the LBs in general (appearance, mood, attitude, etc.)

- P4P modus operandi (i.e. in bars, in brothels, escorts services, street prostitution, disco, etc.)

- price ranges ST/LT

- hotel policies (are hotels GF or not)

City Name

- short comment about the city

- entertainment districts

- venues

- accomodation

- transport & taxis, car or scooter rentals

- moneychangers

- pharmacies

Other City name

- short comment about the city

- entertainment districts

- venues

- accomodation

- transport & taxis, car or scooter rentals

- moneychangers

- pharmacies

What do you think?
Wouldn't that be a great addition to our site?

Please use this thread to request a country to be added to our international LB country guide!
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Re: the international LB country guide - whazzat?

Postby Jake » 03 Feb 2011, 18:44 •  [Post 2]

Great idea. A few of our fellow mongers love to travel everywhere and go backpacking. Good guides to follow the trail are needed.
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Re: the international LB country guide - whazzat?

Postby Admin » 03 Feb 2011, 22:48 •  [Post 3]

I have begun to write about Thailand to give an example of what I imagined - corrections and additional info are welcome!
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Re: the international LB country guide - whazzat?

Postby tstrek » 08 Sep 2011, 12:01 •  [Post 4]

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Ladyboys do exist in Vietnam, but they are not tolerated by the government. When I was living in Vietnam, a transsexual committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the Landmark building. She had lunch at the French Restaurant on the top floor with a friend, paid her bill, excused herself, walked over to the outside terrace, climbed on a table and fell to her death. Incidently, it may have been a message because she fell into the motorbike parking area of the Ton Duc Thang museum. Tôn Đức Thắng was the second and final president of North Vietnam and the first president of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Her friend said that she was very despondent about the way she was treated by her family, her neighbors, and the local authorities. There are no bars in the city that are transsexual friendly and I have heard that Hanoi is even worse. Apocalypse Now seems to have an active gay scene and an active GG pickup scene. The only Ladyboys I have seen travel around on motorbikes at night around the circle near Hai Ba Trung, Dong Du and Thi Sach. Usually two ladyboys are on the bike, and they try to pass themselves off as GG's looking to take you to a short stay hotel. The government does not allow hotel guests to bring "any" unmarried guest to their room overnight, women or ladyboys. I believe it is forbidden after 8PM, because it is against Vietnamese law. Even when I had an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, it was strictly enforced. Everyone had to register as a temporary guest and they kept track of when they arrived and when they left. There are girly bars on Hai Ba Trung where sex may occur in the back rooms; they are on the blocks between Mac Thi Buoi and Le Loi Blvd. Hope this helps.
I guess I put this in the incorrect place. If an admin person can put it with the other reviews by city and country. I would appreciate it.
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Death of Milton Friedman, Economic Roundup, and A $100 Lapto

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Africa's great 'water grab'

Postby Terrystode » 11 Oct 2016, 18:25 •  [Post 6]

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Another New Business for EFI

Postby Herbertcymn » 12 Nov 2016, 04:06 •  [Post 7]

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Experts in the Past vs. a Vision to the Future

Postby MelvinHex » 22 Dec 2016, 02:05 •  [Post 8]

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Five Most Loved Anniversary Gift Ideas that are 40th

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