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Compact or Micro 4/3

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Compact or Micro 4/3

Postby Jake » 06 Sep 2011, 05:32 •  [Post 1]

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Re: Compact or Micro 4/3

Postby manarak » 06 Sep 2011, 11:31 •  [Post 2]

Micro 4/3 is good quality, and ideal for taking close-up pics or around a table.
So it is the ideal girly cam to shoot themselves doing that V-sign or pouting like all the East-Asians and then posting those pics on Facebook.

BUT: if you want something different than the flat pancake lens, the micro 4/3 gets almost as bulky as a small DSLR and does not fit in a pocket anymore.
End of story for me.
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