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Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 09 Sep 2017, 20:23 •  [Post 1]

– says deportee A recent Guyanese deportee from the United States of America has lambasted the Guyana Consulate in New York for not doing enough to assist his countrymen to fight their removal from the US.Mahash Singh, who this year was deported to Guyana after spending a decade in the United States, believes that the present Guyanese Consul is facilitating the speedy removal of Guyanese criminals from that country despite the fact that they have a three-month period to fight their deportation.Singh, a native of Campbellville, left Guyana for New York as a teenager and according to him,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, he started hustling from a young age, foregoing entering school in the United states.He told this newspaper during a recent interview that he got involved in the music industry and soon began working with some major hip-hop artists from New York and the Caribbean.Life went well for several years and Singh soon accumulated some money that kept him above water.But for some strange reason he ended up dabbling in drug trafficking and that led to his downfall.In December 2004, he was caught and sentenced to five years in jail in January 2005 for trafficking in narcotics.“I lost everything,Cheap NFL Jerseys co, house,Cheap Jerseys From China, car, everything because they were in my name. The Feds took everything,” Singh told Kaieteur News.Upon completion of his sentence earlier this year he was placed into the custody of the US immigration authorities pending deportation.According to Singh, his lawyer, a prominent New York attorney at law, advised him that he would use the three-month grace period to get him out of immigration custody so that he could remain in the United States of America.Singh remained optimistic that his attorney would succeed.However, he did not know that the US immigration had put in an early request for his travel documents from the Guyana Consulate in New York in a bid to speedily deport him to Guyana.“The (Guyana) Consular General in New York) issued a document not even a month into the three-month grace period. Next thing you know, I’m outta there (immigration) in a few days. They came and grabbed me about three o’clock in the morning and say ‘You’re leaving’. So I’m thinking maybe my wife or somebody post bail for me. Next morning these cats are driving me to the airport. I had no Guyana representation, nothing of the sort.”Singh said that he managed to contact his lawyer who informed him that the Guyana Government was facilitating the speedy deportation of its citizens from the USA.“He said that they have an agreement with the United States to take us back with just the snap of a finger. He said that the government here is getting international funding from the US and other countries to take us back,” Singh said.According to Singh,Cheap Jerseys From China, Guyana’s previous Consul General in New York, Brentnol Evans,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, stuck his neck out in terms of representing his countrymen.However, things have changed dramatically since Evans left the office.“My cousin got knocked for murder and he is still in the United States as a free man with a green card because of Evans. Evans facilitated the ninety day period for him to fight his deportation. He fought his case and won. Another ‘hommie’ of mine also got knocked for gun trafficking. They snatched him and were going to deport him but Evans gave him that ninety-day period, bam! He ain’t got dip; he still over there,” Singh explained.He said that Evans even visited his cousin while he was in jail because he was put there to represent Guyanese.Singh said that in 2002,Cheap NFL Jerseys, when he needed a new passport he got it the following day after making an application to the consulate in New York.With the new Consul in place his cousin had to wait for several months to obtain a travel document.“Yet these people can issue a document with speed to facilitate our deportation,” Singh said.A few years ago the US government had threatened to revoke the visas of Guyana Government officials if they did not agree to accept criminal deportees from that country.Singh is convinced that the Guyana government is benefiting from international funds to help deportees readopt to their new environment.He said that since his return to Guyana he has found it almost impossible to reintegrate.“A regular job over in the US will run you like six hundred dollars a week. You think somebody coming back here could easily adjust? It’s the reason why deportees are sticking people over here,” said an obviously frustrated Singh.
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