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Recently added and annoying forum feature

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Recently added and annoying forum feature

Postby Bumpa » 22 Mar 2011, 21:20 •  [Post 1]


A newly added and unnecessary feature...

Can't we just leave this the way it was... or is this part of the 'tracking your movements' policy?

It's my view that people are less inclined to post or edit their posts if this massive sign foots every edit.

But, hey... up to you! :)
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Re: Recently added and annoying forum feature

Postby manarak » 23 Mar 2011, 12:41 •  [Post 2]

This feature has been there since the beginning, it is the forum's default behavior.
I can try to disable it, if it is any use.

Why is it annoying?

the forum by default keeps a copy of all versions of a post, so that it is possible to revert to previous versions.
all mod actions are also logged and reversible.
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Re: Recently added and annoying forum feature

Postby Jake » 24 Mar 2011, 20:40 •  [Post 3]

I don't think its that big of a deal because LBP doesn't hide edit notifications and they have over 20k posters. Just leave it be and enjoy your vacation!
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