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ATM card skimmers

ATM card skimmers

Postby Jake » 08 Oct 2011, 06:45 •  [Post 1]

Came across a news story today about people skimming atm cards in phuket. http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/503 ... in-phuket/

I'm sure this happens in Pattaya too so what can we do to avoid getting cash stolen?

Well for one cover the keypad when you enter your pin number. But how do you find skimmers??

Anyone able to recognize them?
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Re: ATM card skimmers

Postby manarak » 08 Oct 2011, 09:01 •  [Post 2]

It is not always easy to see them.

Before, it was easier to detect them because ATMs in Europe would be one-piece plastic around the slot, so I would not put my card into an ATM where I could see the piece around the slot is not one with the frame.
But now ATMs have very often an additional piece of plastic around the card slot, so that method doesn't work anymore.
Covering the PIN is a good method, but one looks like a conspiracy nut when doing it.

I suppose if the piece around the slot looks too new, this could be a giveaway.

You can also inspect the ATM to find the minicamera they use to peer at your PIN.
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Re: ATM card skimmers

Postby Stealth009 » 09 Oct 2011, 11:25 •  [Post 3]

In my country The Netherlands , this probleem have been solve for now with card using a Chip Systeem , so our money is safe for the time been , until those asshole invent something else , it will alway`s stay a cat and mouse game.....

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Re: ATM card skimmers

Postby onetruesaxon » 10 Oct 2011, 14:46 •  [Post 4]

jessie1 wrote:I'm a victim in this issue. :(

Sorry to here that !

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