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Apple Taxi's

Apple Taxi's

Postby Jake » 25 Jan 2011, 20:28 •  [Post 1]

Some people swear by Apple (as of december) as a good taxi service provider if you let her knew a few days in advance of your plans. She did have a few health issues though but assuming she's in good health now, might be worth looking up if you need a taxi.

Her email address is: pj-transport@hotmail.com

Her phone:
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Re: Apple Taxi's

Postby Soulboy » 29 Jan 2011, 23:23 •  [Post 2]

Thanks for posting this Jake .

I met Apple a few years ago and rapidly became friends , her sister lived in Ireland for a little while .

Totally trustworthy and reliable , OK you can haggle and get cheaper but I prefer someone I know and trust , also I like to give custom to someone who deserves it .

She has gone out of her way to look after me and my friends and has never been hard to pay .

She did have some worrying health issues last year but as far as I know she is as fit as a butchers dog now :)
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