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Pattaya taxi's

Pattaya taxi's

Postby PassPort » 25 Jan 2011, 18:19 •  [Post 1]

You've probably seen them around pattaya, blue/yellow toyota avensis cars, very similar to the bkk taxi's expect in pattaya they don't have a meter fitted, so its barter.

These guys are ruthless and will charge you 200baht minimum fare, or even 400baht to goto jomteinem beach from 2nd road, ive only used them twice to get back to bkk airport, i paid (1200) plus toll

Anybody else had any experience with these guys :?:
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Re: Pattaya taxi's

Postby Admin » 25 Jan 2011, 19:10 •  [Post 2]

1200 to the airport is not that bad.

They are mostly scammers who refuse to turn their meters on.
Most of them are very lazy and they wait on the hi-so russians coming out of Central to make their $$$ charging them crazy prices (daragoy, ya nje hatchu greasne marchroutka, tam oxygen nieto. / Darling, I don't want this dirty baht bus again, I cannot breathe). There baht buses in russia also, but they are rather for the low classes... as they are in Patts too :shock:

I have met ONE honest Patts blue-yellow cab driver who offered me a ride and who complained about the other drivers. His meter was switched on, the red digits were showing, as well as the "available" kanji they sometimes display.
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