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10 Tips for first time travellers!

10 Tips for first time travellers!

Postby Jake » 02 Oct 2011, 22:48 •  [Post 1]

I'm making this thread so that everyone can contribute tips and stuff of how to go about on your first t-girl mongering trip.

#1. Save money for funds or have a credit card with a good credit line and get your passport made.

#2. Look up the country's embassy closest to your location and find out the visa requirements to go to the country you want to go to. Is it cheaper to get a visa in your country or a visa on arrival? Plan accordingly. Also decide how long you will be staying for.

#3. Purchase your ticket and book your hotel room in advance and make sure the room has a safe. Use the links if you don't have good places in mind.

#4. Try not to make commitments to girls you met on the internet. You will want to sample all that the country has to offer. Chances are you'll find much more beautiful tgirls in person once you hit the ground than who you saw online.

#5. Be sure you get your vaccinations for travel especially hepatitis. Purchase condoms, lubricant, quad band unlocked cellphone and/or dildo(s) depending on if you want to be a bottom and start practicing for the real thing so it doesn't hurt too much and kill your mood when you're doing the real deed itself.

#6. Research where to exchange money for the best rates. Carry your money in cash and exchange about $50-100 at the airport, the rest when you get to the place you researched that gives you the best bang for the buck.

#7. Research the location of the bars and clubs so you know how to find your way around them. If you can't find a map.. just post asking for one.

#8. After arriving from the flight exchange $50-100 at the airport for taxi/ bus.. go straight to the money exchanger that you researched for best rates, exchange your money. Along the way pick up a sim card from a 7-11. Then check into your hotel, put your money, passport, tickets and valuables in the safe. Take a shower, relax. Remember do not carry large sums of cash upon you for a long time. Great for getting girls numbers if you want to hook up later.

#9. Go out to a bar/ club, order a beer, relax, if you like a girl call her over. If you want 2 girls.. pick the first girl and have her suggest a "friend". You don't want 2 girls who don't get along. Be sure to negotiate price of what you want including pictures before you leave with the girl and be sure she has an id card. Your hotel should keep her card while she stays in your room to make sure she doesn't make trouble for you or the hotel. She'll get it back when she leaves. Also if while out on the prowl you get approached by a group of ladies or ladyboys make sure to put your hands in your pockets guarding your cash, camera, phone.

#10. And don't tell a girl you saw her pics on the internet. The moment you do that, their price triples because she becomes a superstar and can name her own price compared to the usual price. Better off pretending you don't know her or her name.

Have fun but always remember.. keep your wits about yourself.

If you are still a bit intimidated you can post here and request for an experienced board member to be your wingman and show you the ropes
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Re: 10 Tips for first time travellers!

Postby secrt_squirrel » 07 Feb 2013, 19:30 •  [Post 2]

I have not seen anything on the forum about poppers. Can they be bought there, can you bring them through customs, are they frowned on?
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Re: 10 Tips for first time travellers!

Postby manarak » 07 Feb 2013, 22:01 •  [Post 3]

AFAIK Poppers is illegal in Thailand
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