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China NFL Jerseys De Big Rat ain’t done wid Guyan

China NFL Jerseys De Big Rat ain’t done wid Guyan

Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 17 Apr 2018, 14:23 •  [Post 1]

De Big Rat ain’t done wid Guyana; he only tek a break. Dem boys hear he good when he seh that he coming back to be de President,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, how Donald only holding de brief fuh he. Well dem boys seh that if Uncle Donald holding he brief then Uncle Donald more brave than a tiger.De man pushing fuh snap elections because he know de system. De law state that a president can’t serve fuh more than two consecutive terms. Now if Uncle Donald call elections in June then De Rat can run fuh president because he skip a term.Well dem boys seh that he do enough and any time he come back fuh run dem gun run he out of de country because this time people gun wake up and find that de whole of Guyana get thief out. He friends hoping fuh de return just like how dem Christians was waiting fuh dem Lord. But dem Lord was an honest man and he always do good.De man mek Uncle Donald keep de same Cabinet then he got dem same people whispering to Uncle Donald to call elections. Then dem gun laugh how Uncle Donald mek record as the shortest serving president.That is why dem boys want tighten up de financial regulations in parliament before de Rat come back. But Brazzy ain’t tekking chances. He done start packing because he going and set up shop in Philadelphia. He plan fuh keep de restaurant that does only sell sugar cake just to show that he got ties to Guyana.If de Rat come back all of a sudden a $10 project gun cost $100. More road gun lef half done and more people gun get high blood pressure because every time he talk pun de radio or TV dem gun get vex and dem pressure guh go up.And dem boys notice that State House still empty. Uncle Donald frighten to repair it. He claim how he might meet up wid something that he don’t want to see.Talk half. Lef half.
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