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China Garden any help pls ?

Re: China Garden any help pls ?

Postby tilac4u » 07 Mar 2012, 15:17 •  [Post 1]

There are lots of reviews of CG in PA forum and also I have personal experience there :)

See my review of CG jacuzzi room 304 below, I stayed there a few times between May-November 2011, I tried to be as accurate and detailed as possible but please see it as informal ONLY and don't obtain any rights or assumptions from it, I left out external links en email addresses as this might violate forum rules but I indicated where they could be found; a google of 'china garden pattaya review' can also be very helpful !

Location: Soi Lengkee (halfway the soi between Soi Bouakao and 3rd road)

Actually it's above China Garden restaurant (good Chinese food, room service also) , entrance is on the right side (to go up there are stairs only in the back behind the kitchen, no elevator), they give you a key card to open the door, at night it's closed and in the daytime and evening it's open because it leads to the kitchen of the restaurant in the back also, after the restaurant closes there is no security or night guard so bringing in 1 or more LB's will be no problem :D
But be careful and put all yr valuables in the electronic safety box (my 14" notebook fits in there too) in the room when having visitors or going out !!

Prices vary depending upon the season, when it opened about a year ago it was 500 Baht for the standard rooms and 800 Baht for the jacuzzi rooms which was a bargain ! High season prices are about double that (1000 / 1500 Baht) and still very reasonable for what you get.

CG-2011 (9).JPG

There are 3 jacuzzi rooms total ,1 each on the 3 floors above the restaurant, all facing the street. Rooms 104 and 204 have a balcony , 304 doesn't have one. The pics you see in this post all all from room 304 (without balcony).

The jacuzzi rooms are great, beside the jacuzzi there is also a regular (power) shower, toilets have a 'bum gun' too.

CG-2011 (37).JPG

2 Samsung LCD Tv's in the room (both have a separate DVD player too), a 32"near the jacuzzi and a 42" near the bed, besides looking Sophon Cable you can hookup them with USB / HDMI devices to watch yr own movies or Internet streams , Internet is good (CAT telecom) and free, both wireless and wired available (RJ-45 outlet in the room too).

CG-2011 (41).JPG

With a karaoke bar (boy bar lol) next door things can get noisy until the wee hours so if yr a light sleeper then better bring some ear plugs.

Book early as these rooms are extremely popular, booking 3 months in advance is NOT an exception lol !
Ian Brooks is the owner/manager of CG, see PA forum for his contact details and actual pricing/reviews.

I will be staying at one of the jacuzzi rooms again shortly and will make an update when needed.

Needless to say a lot of fun can be had in this room with 1 or more LB's (and GG off course too) especially in the jacuzzi !
The jacuzzi comes with bubble makers, massage heads and different lights, all very nice !

See some more pics below !



CG-2011 (17).JPG

CG-2011 (43).JPG

CG-2011 (15).JPG
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