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Forum Rules - please read!

Forum Rules - please read!

Postby Admin » 16 Jan 2011, 17:08 •  [Post 1]

Forum Philosophy

We want to run this forum as an adult-oriented forum for ladyboy whore mongers and punters where paid sex is the central activity and we can all talk freely without need to be politically correct every time. Bantering, gentle flaming, are welcome.

We have designed the place in a manner so that experiences can be shared in a private fun & friendly manner.
Members should feel comfortable knowing that protecting our posters' privacy is our #1 goal.

We will not let everyone into the private areas without a background check of their previous online activities on LB forums. We will monitor the boards regularly and kick and name and shame if there’s ever a leak (Other forums might be afraid to do this since they’ll lose readers, but we’re not afraid to toss aside bad apples).

Important: for security against leaks, access to the forums is very closely monitored. By logging in to the forum you agree to grant bestladyboyforum.com the right to monitor your connection and to gather any and all information about how the forum is accessed by your user account (the collected data does not include personal data).

A few other features of how we are different from other forums is that we will not be a pay site where anyone paying a fee can automatically access the forum's private areas.
Since our site is aimed at ladyboy whore mongers, no TS will be admitted into the private areas.
The forum is not designed to put TS admirers and TS in contact, we are not a TS community, dating site or social networking site for TS and admirers.

Speaking of ladyboys, generally bad things happen when you talk to ladyboys about seeing them on the internet. Realize this before hand. This is a dangerous road.
For one, as soon as you tell them you saw them on internet, they become a star so their price tends to go up.
In addition to this you will be asked where you saw the pics especially if she has one or several sponsors she currently fools into sending her money in exchange of her not working P4P. She will try to have the pics removed and she will make trouble to anyone who posted them.

If you want to stay out of trouble, never mention to a ladyboy that people write about her on the internet and never say to a ladyboy you saw her picture on the net.
If your mind slipped for a moment, say you don't remember where you saw her pictures or use another lame excuse or just change plans for the evening. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.
It can happen all too easily so use your common sense. You do not want to be the one in the bad situation.

Illogical situations can occur, like Ladyboys working on Walking Street or in a bar, expecting their activity to remain secret from one or several boyfriends/sponsors sending them money and going ballistic when someone writes about them or posts pics.
It is up to the poster (you) to comply with these requests for secrecy or not, use your wits to decide if discretion is needed here.

Content posters must agree to the following:
1- you own all usage rights over the content you upload to our site
2- you are legally allowed to transfer the rights over the content to us
3- you transfer to us all usage rights over the content you upload, for an indefinite duration which extends even after the content has been deleted from the site.
4- Once granted, these rights cannot be cancelled.
5- By posting on our site, you agree to all the above.
(precision: BLF or its owners will not use your pictures in any other way than you intended by posting them on BLF. This policy will also be binding for future owners should the forum ever be sold.)

The principle of absolute privacy of the forum's private areas remains valid in any case, regardless of the circumstances under which the contents/pictures get posted.
The forum will always protect the posters' privacy and take action against leaks, regardless of the situation's moral implications.
What is posted on the forum, stays on the forum.
It is strictly forbidden to show, forward, talk about or otherwise make content (text, pictures & videos) from the site's private areas accessible to people who are not members of this site and with authorized access to view that content.

Exceptions to this rule are:
- forum rules will not protect criminal activity (please contact Admin if you notice clues of criminal activity)
- we will protect the privacy of girls who really do not work P4P (please contact a Mod or Admin)

And here are a few general rules that we think go without saying:

It is absolutely forbidden to criticize, post negatively or make jokes about members of the Royal Thai Family and the institution of Thai Monarchy.

No kiddy porn, and no posts promoting or containing specific information about sex with underage persons. No depiction of excrement or urine, no depiction of sex between humans and animals. Breach of this rule is rewarded with a permanent ban from the forum and possibly a report to authorities in case of child porn.

No harassing or threatening people. This includes the private messaging system provided by the forum as well as any other means of communication (email, phone, SMS, etc.). If anyone breaks this rule, they’re likely to be kicked off the site.

Criticizing negatively the looks of the persons shown on pictures posted by someone else is considered a breach of etiquette and will be sanctioned at least by a suspension. This is aimed at comments that are more than typical board banter. If you have nothing nice to say about other people's posts, then say nothing.

Proxies and anonymizing services are prohibited since they can help to dissimulate leaks, and we will likely prevent connections by proxies if we detect them. However exceptions will be made if a situation is deemed necessary... say visiting Saudi Arabia and unable to visit the site. Feel free to ask an admin about this.

Only one account per member is allowed.

Do not post personal details of other members or pictures, videos showing their face without their approval. Do not drag in (make connection to) people on social network sites like Facebook or similar against their will. The point of this forum is privacy. Doing such thing on the forum or elsewhere on the internet will result in a permanent ban.

The same applies to offline life. Do not reveal to any unauthorized third party any details you know about other forum members, and do not repeat information that was given to you privately.
Doing such things will also result in a permanent ban, even if no information from the forum was leaked.

Don’t make private conversations (private messages, emails, private chats...) public by forwarding or copy pasting. Read the words “private message” again.
If you feel insulted by the other person or if you feel the contents of the message needs to be reported, please forward the message to Admin or a Mod.

We ask people in a relationship with a ladyboy to keep this forum secret from their partner.

If asked by admin or mods if you read the rules, just say that Redrum has read them for you, this is proof that you read until here ;-)

If you feel someone has compromised your privacy (disclosed content you posted), please do not post about it (we don't want to alert the culprits), but rather PM the Admin immediately and give us some tiem to investigate. You will of course be free to post about your experience once the investigation is over.

And last but not least, agree to disagree in a civil respectful manner even if you don't agree.

Don't like the rules.. well there are plenty of other forums to talk about ladyboys. We suggest you try there.
But unlike on some other forums, you are welcome to ask Mods or Admin about the rules and to discuss about the rules.

Thank you for reading and happy mongering!
Best wishes,
The management
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