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Wholesale Jerseys de big one in de force

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Wholesale Jerseys de big one in de force

Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 12 Sep 2017, 20:45 •  [Post 1]

More than 100 people end up sick wid vomiting and loose bowels because dem eat food in Berbice. De police checking whether somebody poison dem deliberately or whether is salmonella poisoning.Some people like fuh pack up food and carry home and nuff of dem do that. One lady husband cover down he food and he son decide to eat it. Dem and all end up in hospital.Yellow Henry,Cheap Jerseys, de big one in de force,Cheap China Jerseys, thank de man above that he didn’t go. He woulda dead pun de spot because of de amount he woulda eat. Brazzy was another who woulda dead pun de spot.Rohee was there and he miss it by a rice grain. One RC pick up he plate and run away de same time he tun fuh tell somebody that goat ain’t bite he.  Sam woulda dead too. He still got kero in he system. De two poison woulda fuse.Kwame woulda eat and then claim Wong food. He woulda been in de most trouble because he already got diarrhea. He does wear pampers but nuff people don’t know.De big man can’t get poison wid food because he neva deh round. He does only eat foreign. He can get ketch though. Low carbon is he favourite diet.Talk half. Lef half.
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