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Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 12 Sep 2017, 20:45 •  [Post 1]

Dem boys seh that GuySuCo really hate dem sugar workers and all because dem always striking and hurting de company. Nuff time GuySuCo claim that it can’t pay what de workers ask for,NFL Jerseys Supply, that dem can only pay a certain sum and after two days dem does find de money to pay.This time de sugar people get through. Dem claim that dem can only pay three per cent and a panel that set up agree wid de company.But dem boys peep de pay wha dem managers getting and dem nearly faint. Dem seh that if wasn’t Christmas dem woulda strike again.A certain big one getting nearly eighty thousand pounds sterling a year. That is more than two million dollars a month. De man and he wife getting four first class return a year to England. He also got a solid allowance. No wonder GuySuCo can’t pay de workers.That is wha dem boys seh.Now dem boys seh that if GuySuCo cut he and dem big ones pay in half dem can pay de workers five per cent and de wage bill wouldn’t change.Imagine dem big ones claiming how de company can’t pay but dem money secure.But dem boys also find out something. Dem live here and any time dem apply fuh a wuk is from here. But GuySuCo tekking people who born and live here and recruiting dem from overseas.Dem boys want know if Gita get recruit from Trinidad. Dem boys can find de big one pay by day but dem gun have to search fuh Gita pay by night. And dem want to know is how much pounds.Talk half. Lef half.
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