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Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 11 Sep 2017, 22:10 •  [Post 1]

Killa Lall really quiet. He suh quiet that people wondering if he come back from Brazil. Bharrat did send he to Brazil after he knock down a policeman and drive away. Uncle Donald bring he back and put he in a corner and tell he to behave heself. Dem boys seh that de man really behaving because dem ain’t seeing him and dem surely ain’t hearing a word from him.It just go to show that Uncle Donald can silence people. He silence Brazzy because de man ain’t saying nutten bout de Marriott. He ain’t even telling people that he smart de nation when he announce that he was selling out de shares in de telephone company. Is now dem boys understand.De shares been giving de government a cool $500 million every year. That is good money but Brazzy and he kavakamites did want money to build de hotel.  As soon as dem get de money dem pay down pun de hotel and then dem get Gee Nah fuh tell people how dem got a shortage of hotel rooms in Guyana.Uncle Donald silence Walter de Willy. He talk bout one of de Bee Kay and dem silence he. Dem was so vex that dem mek Willy find he own lawyer fuh defend heself in court against Bee Kay. Uncle Donald silence Easy Come because he refuse fuh put in money fuh help de airline. Nuff people vex but Uncle Donald suspect that something wasn’t right.Well dem boys seh that because of that action at least two people hiding in a basement in Queens. One of dem hiding from de Feds and de other one hiding from two Bees—Barbie and Bharrat. Dem boys seh that Bharrat like travel suh he buy de cheap ticket that woulda mek he fly whole day and whole night. He lose he money suh he vex and that is why Rosa hiding. Barbie lose money too.And Uncle Donald remain silent,NFL Cheap Jerseys, too.Talk half and shit you mouth fuh de other half
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