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Wholesale China NFL Jerseys Ivan LewisRon Allicoc

Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 09 Sep 2017, 04:59 •  [Post 1]

A young nursing assistant said that Senior Superintendent Clifton Hicken refused to help him take a dying Linden man to the hospital on July 18, when three Lindeners were killed at the start of the protest against electricity rate hikes.Dead: Ivan LewisRon Allicock, a nursing assistant with the Linden Hospital Complex,jerseys nfl wholesale, said when he asked for the Police vehicle to take the injured man to the hospital, Hicken told him to “fetch he (expletive).”  The young man was called to testify yesterday when the Linden Commission of Inquiry continued taking evidence.Allicock said that he later learnt that the man he was carrying was Ivan Lewis, a 46-year-old who was one of three persons killed.Allicock said he believes that the man could have survived if he was helped.According to the nursing assistant, he joined the protest once he had completed his shift at the hospital. That was about 15:30h. He said that the atmosphere was like a “fun day”. He met up with some friends and they started “drinking.”At around 17:30 hours, he said that he saw the Police with guns and they were firing shots and teargas.Allicock said that shortly after, he noticed persons carrying an injured man, and as a nursing assistant, he reached out to render assistance.At that point, he said the Police were still advancing and firing shots, and so he collected a white t-shirt and started waving,Cheap NFL Jerseys, calling out to the Police that a man was injured.He said the Police paid no heed,Cheap China Jerseys, and so he placed the man on his left shoulder and proceeded to the parked police vehicle.Allicock said he checked the injured man’s pulse to make sure he was alive. Satisfied that the man was alive, he pleaded with the police to take the man in their vehicle to the hospital.At this point he said the officer told him “Fetch he (expletive).” He did not know who the Police officer was, but he said when the Inquiry Commissioners visited Linden on October 3, he recognized Senior Superintendent Hicken as the one who had refused to help and who hurled an expletive at him instead. Allicock said he also recognized Hicken after seeing his photograph in the newspapers.When Hicken refused, Allicock said he placed the injured man on the ground and checked his pulse again. He said the pulse got weaker and eventually faded. At this point, Allicock said that he started to do chest compressions and pleaded with persons around to call the ambulance.Ron AllicockAllicock said the ambulance eventually arrived, but he was later told that the man who had died was Mr. Lewis.Lewis,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, 46, of Wismar Housing Scheme,NBA Jerseys China, took care of his 79-year-old mother, Daphne Lewis,Cheap Jerseys, before he was killed.The woman said that her son took whatever jobs came his way to support her.Lewis’s relatives say they want justice.
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