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Hi. Advice for 25 yr. old clueless Australian planning trip?

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Hi. Advice for 25 yr. old clueless Australian planning trip?

Postby bill » 08 Sep 2012, 04:43 •  [Post 1]

Basically, I am from Australia and I want to organize a trip to Thailand [or possibly the Phillipines] to meet beautiful ladyboys,
at some point in the future [not sure when really, but it's a definite].
I've been interested in them since I was about 12 and first stumbled upon image galleries on the internet.
My problem is I'm in my mid-to-late 20's and I've never travelled internationally and I am terrible at organizing large-scale things,
especially itineraries.
Is it difficult? and what sort of money am I looking at to stay there for 1-3 months?

I'm happy with no-frills / divey accommodation.
I am happy to sacrifice the money for fancy upmarket accommodation in return for just general travel excitement and t-women (:

The cheaper the better, and I'm pretty good at cutting corners and living on the down-low so I can stretch the money out.
I have lived in some very divey, shit places in australia, and had some pretty street-level years and narcotic-times
[which is all well behind me, and I'm healthy and over that sort of thing], so I'm not socially retarded when it comes to dealing with people and the possible various risks and things.
I've had sex with 3 or 4 LB hookers over here, but the beautiful ones are pretty pricey and I'm on a pretty low-income so I've never made a habit of it.

I don't want to sound too stupid, but I've never been a jet-set traveller or had the money or will to do it.
But now that I am getting older the years are slipping by, I am feeling like the time must come and it must come soon.
so I'm thinking much more strongly about it.

Any help or advice in making my biggest secret dreams come true in some way would be really appreciated.
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Re: Hi. Advice for 25 yr. old clueless Australian planning t

Postby manarak » 08 Sep 2012, 23:13 •  [Post 2]

Okay, you mentioned your requirement for cheapness about 5 or 6 times in your post, please bear in mind that Lbs as other persons aren't too thrilled to spend time in "shit places" with guys who have no money.

As you want the cheapest possible, I don't see the point in making an itinerary - Pattaya is the place where you can the LBs for the lowest cost.

Especially as a beginner, you will have difficulties, as soon as they smell the newbie, they will milk you.

There are guesthouses on soi buakhow (Pattaya) for 400 a night with aircon, cable TV and internet.

You should plan a minimum of 1000 baht a night for LBs and some money for drinks also.
Then your food and the rest of your fun.

I'd say your budget might look like that for a budget stay:
- accomodation: 500 / day including utilities
- food: 300 per day
- drinks and fun: 200 absolute cheap charlie MINIMUM
- 1 LB per night: 1000 baht for freelancers, add 300 to 500 baht barfine for bar LBs
- Motorbike (to save on transports): 100 baht / day

So you are looking at roundabout 80 AUD a day.

You will be surprised, short times (1-2 hours are only marginally cheaper than LT, generally 500 to 700 baht plus barfine)

WARNING: don't do drugs in Thailand, very severe punishment.
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