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Field Report and Questions: Post Op Plumbing

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Field Report and Questions: Post Op Plumbing

Postby bangkokbill » 11 Sep 2011, 19:18 •  [Post 1]

Haven’t you always wondered about the anatomy of post op ladyboys? If not, you aren’t very curious.. I’m curious.. I’ve always wondered about it..

For example..

How do they urinate (I know, they sit down) but from where does the pee flow, exactly?

Do post-op TV’s have a urethra correctly positioned between a clit-like structure and the man-made-vagina? (The man-made-vagina is hereinafter referred to by the monger term, “man-gina” in the remainder of this field report)

Can they achieve orgasms? (wet or dry?)

Does the prostate remain intact and functional after the male-to-female sexual reassignment surgery?

Is the prostate perhaps re-piped into either the urethral opening or perhaps into the inner end of the inverted inside-out penis/man-gina?

Can they still ejaculate prostate fluid?

What about the clit and the clitoral hood? How is it constructed? From what?

The G-spot?

The U-Spot?

The AFE? (Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone)

Surely there is no reason to construct a pseudo-cervix (?)

The vulva?

The labia?

(Honk if you got spontaneous erections during 8th grade Sex Ed Class...)

So, in no way associated with my quest for the answers - - merely by coincidence - - there I was, somewhere in the bowels of Bangkok at 12:00 midnight. I came upon a brightly lit massage place, an “oily” in monger parlance. There was nothing but boys out front, and I was definitely in the mood for some pussy. I asked the boys if any “friendly” or “special” massage girls were available. They said yes, and I went inside the massage place and sat down and waited.

The boys got on the phone and called up some girls.

Several young, tall, slim ladies eventually arrived, and they were all quite fetching in their appearance.

I selected the tallest one, and we climbed the stairs up to the massage room, and then we proceeded to disrobe and shower. (I completely disrobed, and she left her panties on) So far so good, she looked, acted, and smelled like a normal genetic X-X female.

But, I have this lingering doubt about my massage lady. I am really not at all sure that she was born a real genetic girl . . .

These were my observations:

1.)Her voice was maybe a tiny bit too deep, although without any of the raspy and crackling quality typical of Thai Lady Boys. Vote: Girl, maybe

2.)No visible Adam’s apple. Vote: Girl

3.)She acted like a normal girl with no exaggerated movements or “faked” feminine behavior, no exaggerated swish or sway. Vote: Girl

4.)Her hips were slightly wider than her shoulders. Vote: Girl

5.)She was essentially flat-chested, with wee tiny perfect puffy little breast buds, zero implants, and tiny nipples. Vote: Unsure

6.)Her face was a tad too “long”, but not grossly out-of-proportion; There was no evidence (That I could see) of eye, chin, or nose surgery. Vote: Girl, maybe.

7.)Her language skills were very good, and seemed “chatty” in a normal girly manner. Vote: Girl

8.)Her working name was not a typical Thai girl’s nickname, rather, her nickname is that of a flower. Vote: Unsure

9.)Her arm and shoulder muscles were perhaps a little too well developed, sort of. Vote: Boy

10.)She had long strong legs, and in my professional but subjective opinion, her torso length to her leg length ratio and her leg shape just didn’t seem quite right. Vote: Boy

11.)Her abdomen had a normal “full” shape and appearance typical of a girl of normal childbearing age with an intact uterus. Vote: Girl

12.)In her overall appearance she was very tall with a thin stature, perhaps 169cm and 50 kilos. Vote: Unsure

13.)Her hands seemed small and delicate, but her feet were perhaps two or three shoe sizes too big for a girl of her height. (Anecdotal reference: Hell, my ex-old-wife back in Georgia had huge feet, and she successfully bore two children.) Vote: Unsure

. . . Then... the panties finally came off - - At about ten minutes into the “massage”, I finally got her to completely undress.


14.)Biggest and most responsive clit I’ve ever seen on an Asian girl, and she really liked having it sucked. Vote: Unsure but suspicious

15.)With the hood peeled back, her clit had a normal pink bud appearance, just “big”, but no penis-like glans shape. Vote: Girl

16.)Normal clitoral hood appearance, shape, and function. Vote: Girl

17.)Strange sort of symmetry and sagginess to the vulva; It sort of looked like recycled scrotal skin. Vote: Boy

18.)She may or may not have proper inner and outer labia, I’ll have to inspect that further on subsequent dates. Vote: Unsure

19.)She really had zero body hair and was totally slick. Most Thai girls, even those who have had their pubic hair permanently removed by the laser method, still have tiny little microscopic baby hairs every place else. (Thai girls don’t shave, no need, they have no underarm or leg pubes) Transgendered girls, on the other hand, are frequently perfectly slick because of the estrogen hormonal supplements they take combined with frequent preening and beauty treatment scrubbing of the skin. Vote: Maybe a Trannie ! !

20.)She did not initially enjoy complete vaginal penetration with either fingers or penis, and she seemed unusually small and tight in that regard. However, with some K-Y and some coaxing, I managed to boink her, and it felt pretty damn good. Vote: Girl, maybe

21.)She had a perfect little ass like the proverbial ten-year-old boy. She had an open, hungry, greedy little anus, and she really seemed to enjoy it when I fingered her turdcutter. She achieved her best of several orgasms when I sucked her clit and simultaneously fingered her butthole. She has damn sure seen, and enjoyed, lots of rear guard action. Upon deep palpitation of her anus with my finger, I could not feel a prostate gland. Vote: Unsure

22.)At the culmination of her final clitoral/anal orgasm, something squirted out of her alleged vagina/suspect man-gina, and landed on my chin. Now, amongst Asian ladies, I have only had a few really-really fat and horny older gals squirt. Vote: Further voting hereby suspended pending further investigation.

So, conclusion: Damned if I know, but I’ve got “her” mobile phone number and I’ll hit it again next week in the daylight.

Stay tuned for further field reports...

. . .

P.S., Ah, is this the life, or what? While my friends back home in America are fretting over their evaporated 401-K’s and their upside down mortgages, I’m still investigating the differences between boys and girls. Bangkok… It ain’t a bad life, ya know?

. . .
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