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Here are my introductions

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Here are my introductions

Postby Cloud87 » 23 Feb 2017, 07:03 •  [Post 1]

You may just call me Cloud & yeah yeah i know i already joined other ladyboy site or 2 or more i want to join this site too as well & in a way i like to ask your extra advice or 2 too as well in my introduction if you don't mind me asking ahead of time 1 question is well when should i tell her my cursed that i have a small penis?

No no i don't have a micro penis i still considered myself small & to farther explain my nervousness i might as well & say that I'm a virgin man & if you wish to include side tips on how to overcome my nervousness of dating a beautiful shemale/ladyboy like her then feel free to do so only if you want to & second question is well i don't think it's really a question but i admit I'm realizing that I'm a well a transorianted man too as well i don't know how to be out & be open about do you have any tips how?

No no I'm not ashamed i admit that i love both shemales & ladyboys let's just say I'm nervous & i don't know am i in the closet or open about my attraction to shemales & ladyboys only thing i can say is at the moment is that I'm a bit nervous & i admit some people will never understand me if they ever found out & if I'm dating a beautiful shemale/ladyboy like her i don't how to respond when & if they ever start asking me when are we going to have kids see my concerns.

& yes i admit I'm worried for her & about my,her & both our safety & a another example is if they found out about her & they don't know that i already knew & they told me in private about her or second outcome is if they found out about her,they know that i already knew & they confronted me in private about her & if anyone ever started to disrespect her i feel like i should do something about it such as asking her to close her eyes.

& knock them,curse them out,give them a piece of my mind,etc. if it's a bad idea feel free to share your tips of a better way to deal with those people & how to properly defend her if you think i should let her handle it herself then fine with me only if she wants to anyway i leave it here for now before it gets way way too long & of course if i have question I'll posted or ask yopu directly don't worry :).
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