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Postby Lyndon » 26 Jun 2015, 02:47 •  [Post 1]

I have only been to Phuket, im off to Bankok or Pattaya late July. What is the going rate for a lady boy. I tend to like the free lancers for a short time, then I we bond I tend to then to have them long time.

Dont want to get ripped off but I do want to be fair,

Also if I do get a girl at a bar, it seems 300 to 600 for the bar fine, then how much ???

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Re: Prices

Postby manarak » 02 Jul 2015, 11:23 •  [Post 2]

Bangkok and Pattaya have different prices, BKK is more like Phuket, while Pattaya is cheaper, 500 - 1000 baht for short time, 1000 - 2000 baht for LT.
There are more details in other threads on this forum if you search.
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