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Pattaya - going rates + silly qn's re: ST

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Pattaya - going rates + silly qn's re: ST

Postby buttmanreturns » 13 Aug 2014, 13:30 •  [Post 1]


I am off to Pattaya next week and as haven't been to Pattaya for years, I was wondering if anyone has been there recently and can advise what the going rates are for:
1) Bar fine + long term (beer bars vs go-go's)
2) Room hire + short term (beer bars vs go-go's)
3) Freelancers' LT/ST rates (range)

Some more silly questions... but wanted to confirm -
1) if I choose to use one of the bar's ST rooms, do I also have to pay bar fine, or the room hire fee replaces a bar fine?
2) would ST be 30 minutes? 1 hour? 2 hours? coming once? (i.e., no standard time, but not more than once?) Is it exceptional to go at it twice during a ST?
3) I guess that the situation with the army means that there are less freelancer LBs on Beach Rd throughout the day? If so, would Soi 6 still be a daytime option? are there any other options?

Thanks for helping out!


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Re: Pattaya - going rates + silly qn's re: ST

Postby manarak » 19 Aug 2014, 10:09 •  [Post 2]

Hi Buttman, welcome to the forum and sorry for the late reply:

1) bar fine in beer bars is usually 300 baht, many LB bars have a bar fine of 500 baht, in gogos, the BF can cost 600 to 1000 baht, depending on season, time of the day, your face, sympathy and mood of the mamasan.
Long time in Pattaya can range from 1000 to 2000 baht, if it is more, they either think you are a newbie or you have a genuine superstar who is in high demand. 3000 for LT with a super hot superstar that delivers is not excessive.

2) room hire: usually 300 baht in the bar, there are ST hotels for less. ST is usually 700 baht in soi 6, so room + ST is 1000. they try to say 1000 ST plus 300 room, but don't fall for it. Also, when going to a room in the bar, there is no bar fine, just 300 for the room - after all, the girl does not leave!
Beer bars don't have rooms, so there it will be barfine + room + ST fee. Gogos usually don't have rooms either (this is a major legal point here in Thailand). There are ST rooms available nearby in walking street.
ST outside of soi 6 costs usually 1000 just for the girl - if you take some new, inexperienced girls or some freelancer dogs from beach road, it can cost just 500 ST.

3) Freelancers' rates are similar to bargirl rates (minus barfines and ladydrinks), maybe a tad cheaper but not much.

other questions:

1) see 2) above

2) ST is usually understood as "comfortable time for a romp" - it's not clocked.
Doing it twice is uncommon, because most people won't do the first shot and then get hard again quickly enough.
I have never hit a "time limit" in Thailand, except once when I went drunk to a BJ bar, and the poor girl threw the towel after working my cock tirelessly for over 20 minutes, LOL.

3) not at all, it is business as normal, many freelancers on beach road.
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Re: Pattaya - going rates + silly qn's re: ST

Postby buttmanreturns » 19 Aug 2014, 10:28 •  [Post 3]

Wow, that is very helpful, thanks a lot! :-)
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