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Penthouse Footie Promotion posted by ChaseLB

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Penthouse Footie Promotion posted by ChaseLB

Postby ChaseLB » 03 Sep 2011, 11:46 •  [Post 1]

See below for something copied from another forum. Not sure if there will be any interest here or if this is the correct place to put it.

[b]Premier League Monthly Competition. Soccer With The Round Ball [/b
]I'm not sure if the August competition went out on this forum. We had a yes / no question. Will Manchester United beat Arsenal 8-2 at Old Trafford on August 28th? Everybody said no so we had no winners. Sorry if there are any Arsenal fans reading this but now you have a few more players things might start to improve. Going to Old Trafford without a defense is never a good idea. OK joke over and down to the real purpose of this post.

The hotel does have monthly competition. All you have to do is name the top four teams in the English Premier League at the end of each month? Even though this is called the English Premier League many of the Players, Managers and Owners are not English. Take the top four teams at the end of August. Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool. Most of the players are not English. None of the Managers are English. There are two Scottish Managers. One Italian and one Portuguese (the Chelsea Manager. He's new and I think he's from Portugal. I could be wrong) The Manchester United and Liverpool Owners are from America. Chelsea has a Russian Owner and Manchester City Owners are believed to be from Abu Dhabi. So it's a multi- national league with participants from all over the world.

September 2011 will be the first month for the competition and we have someone working on a swanky flyer. But, as this might not be ready by the closing date for September entries (September 15th 2011) , I'm giving you the information now. See below for more details and note that the top four teams are usually the teams mentioned above.

English Premier League Football / Soccer Predictions 2011 and 2012.

As some of you may know the English Premier League has just kicked off again, that's football played with a round ball, and to celebrate this the Penthouse Hotel / Kitten Club will be giving away a Premier Suite for 1 night once a month with our 'Premier League Monthly Predictions Competition. '

All you need to do is predict which four teams will hold the top 4 positions in the Premier League at the end of each month in the correct order.

For example:

September 30th.

1. Manchester United.

2. Chelsea.

3. Arsenal.

4. Liverpool.

All correct winners names will go into a hat and a draw will take place to determine the final winners.

• 1st Prize. A Premier Suite for one night and a bottle of House Champagne in the Kitten Club.

• 2nd Prize. Two bottles of House Champagne in the Kitten Club.

• 3rd Prize. One bottle of House Champagne in the Kitten Club.

How to Enter and Rules.

• To enter send an e-mail to the hotel – penthouse@penthousehotel.com And in the subject area put 'PL Predictions. '

• All entries must be received by the 15th day of each month. Example: For the September competition all entries must be received by September 15th.

• The season runs through until May 13th 2012 so there will be a total of 9 separate competitions. Should you wish to enter all 9 competitions, at the same time, you can do this with one e-mail. Note. With the season ending on May 13th 2012 all entries for May must be received before by Sunday April 8th 2012.

• Prizes to be claimed 1 year after winners receive winning notification.

• Winner names, and possibly pictures, will only be used with the permission of the winners.

Good Luck.

(If anything is not clear or, we have made a glaring mistake, please let us know. We will make the adjustment and you might even receive a prize)

(I did ask the owner for three nights but she said no. Maybe I can get her to raise this as the season progresses)
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Re: Penthouse Footie Promotion posted by ChaseLB

Postby Jake » 03 Sep 2011, 13:55 •  [Post 2]

Really good promotion and competition!
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Re: Penthouse Footie Promotion posted by ChaseLB

Postby onetruesaxon » 04 Sep 2011, 00:51 •  [Post 3]

Really good going Chase excellent promotion :happy:

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