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Jerseys NFL Cheap there is a giant bee outside

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Jerseys NFL Cheap there is a giant bee outside

Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 13 Sep 2017, 17:00 •  [Post 1]

– wants to return in a few months and continue touring the Americas on his motorcycleThe American globetrotter, who was hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after he met with an accident in Berbice, has left Guyana to go back to his home in Racine, Wisconsin, USA to plan his wedding which is scheduled for August.The man, Ben Krijger, left his home in July last year, and has been traveling the Americas on his motorcycle ever since.Guyana has been his fifteenth country, and Krijger was on his way to Suriname when his motorcycle crashed in Skeldon, minutes away from the ferry terminal.Krijger had been nursing several lacerations about the body. He also underwent surgery to remove pieces of glass from his neck.The 34-year-old man, who has absolutely no relatives in Guyana, was greeted by his fiancée who subsequently learnt of his condition from the US Embassy and flew to Guyana to his aid.After he was discharged, Krijger and his fiancée stayed at a hotel until he was strong enough to fly back to the US.In speaking to this publication minutes before take off at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Krijger said that he wishes to return and complete his 23-country mark.The man explained that while in Guyana,Wholesale Jerseys From China, he was well taken care of. Apart from a generous man named “Bernard” who afforded him a place in his home, Krijger mentioned a Nurse Mohamed from the Skeldon Hospital who took good care of him, as well as a man named “Kevin” who took him to the hospital and waited until he was stable.Krijger also praised the treatment that he received at the GPHC.Ben Krijger poses with his bike in front of Kaieteur News one day prior to his accident“The nurses there were also really nice, but I still have to go back and get checked over there and make sure everything is okay.”He crashed twice here in Guyana. His first accident occurred on the Lethem trail.While his bike “Maggie” did not suffer much damage during the first crash, most of Krijger’s fingers were dislocated, and had to be pulled back in place; something that caused him to bite his lips, as he did the finger relocation by himself.Initially, the man told Kaieteur News that while he was looking forward to some of the most thrilling experiences while traveling the Americas, he was mostly interested in learning the different cultures, eating the different foods and especially, changing the mindsets of his peers who especially consider that all North American countries are the same.“People don’t know the difference,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, and the thing that I want to do, is travel these countries…I hope I’ll be able to tell people about all these different countries and how different they are…look at Guyana for starters, you guys speak English,” he had said.Meanwhile, in relating some of his experiences here on the third day of his stay, Krijger said that after his accident on the Lethem trail, he experienced one of the most beautiful moments of his life.“I was tired, and my fingers were in pain, and it was also getting really dark, so I set up tent at the side of the road (the Lethem trail), and I was lying there when suddenly I heard this really loud buzzing sound,” Krijger said.The smiling man added that he did not know where the sound was coming from,jerseys cheap nfl, but all he could think of was a really scary and oversized bee.“I honestly, at first, I kept thinking to myself, oh my God, there is a giant bee outside, but after listening to the sound for a while, I thought that I was being too childish, so, I unzipped the tent and here comes this really beautiful humming bird…it just flew in and right up to my face, I kept staring at it, and it just would not move. I just kinda waited for it to peck my eyes out or something, but soon after, it just flew away…I think that was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I love animals, especially birds,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and to have an experience like that, for me, it was just amazing.Krijger said he has always wanted to travel the world. He recalls being at a party at age 17, not dancing, and trying to get with the ladies, but rather, staring at a world map.“Well, I was at a party actually, and I should be talking to people, talking to the girls,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, having fun, but no,Cheap NFL Jerseys, I was staring at a world map…and to see how the countries connect…the roads, rivers, it was just kind of like a moment, and I just told myself that I can do this…I suddenly wanted to do it, and years after, the thought was just kind of sitting at the back of my mind.”He added that after working in hospital management for a few years, and aging way beyond 17, he finally opted to follow his dreams.“So, I quit my job, sold my things, and now I’m on this trip…I haven’t seen my girlfriend, or my family since…I call them though. When I get to another country, I call them. And, they also get to see my updates and my pictures on Facebook. I also have a website called www.allpointsouth.com”.
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