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Cheap NFL Jerseys From China only fuh demself

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Cheap NFL Jerseys From China only fuh demself

Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 12 Sep 2017, 23:16 •  [Post 1]

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for mankind”. A man named Horace Mann who dead since 1859 lef dem words fuh some of de politicians in Guyana.Dem words fit nuff of dem who deh crying now,Cheap Jerseys From China, hoping fuh another chance after 23 years,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, to fulfill wha that man seh. Dem ain’t do nutten fuh de people,Cheap NFL Jerseys, only fuh demself, friends and family.Dem boys seh that dem suh bareface that dem claiming victory although dem know that dem dance done. (De people reject dem).Jagdeo is de man who have dem in this boat. He is an accountant by profession suh figures is he middle name just like how doctor is Babbie second name.He was de man who had a different figure every month fuh de same project. De hydro seed he was about to give Guyana change price from US$400 million to US$500 million,NFL Jerseys Outlet, to US$800 million and it woulda meet US$1 billion if dem boys didn’t expose de skullduggery.He think he could change de elections figure suh he play wid it and give Donald de Dumb and mek he go and announce how he party win de elections.He go farther fuh put figure to how much vote he dream de party get.Den he cry foul how dem had nuff hiccups wid de election process here, there and everywhere. He pick up heself and lead a delegation that include Donald to lodge a complaint to Dr Stevie and Keith Lowmein.As soon as he open he mouth Dr Stevie give he own words, ‘BRING DE EVIDENCE’. When he was president every time any corruption raise its head anywhere,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, no matter wha shape it come in he had one slogan, ‘Bring de evidence’.Many evidence go to him—de clerk who buy $60 million house when she was wukking fuh $40,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale,000 a month.  If dem boys got to list all de evidence that went to him, it would full de Guinness Book of World Records.Well Dr Stevie and Keith Lowmein intend to set a new Guyana record. Dem boys hear dem plan to announce two president because dem got two results.Both sides seh in dem separate press conference dem party get 180,000 and both sides seh de other side get 150,000.But this ain’t got nutten to do wid de real elections results.Talk half and wait fuh de real results.
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