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Cheap NFL Jerseys I paid Mr.…

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Cheap NFL Jerseys I paid Mr.…

Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 12 Sep 2017, 03:20 •  [Post 1]

“Penniless man seeking serious relationship…”“Fifty-five -year-old overseas businessman seeks serious relationship with woman 25-60 years.”“Company needs car to rent for two years, $100,nfl jerseys authentic china,000-$120,000 monthly.”They may look like the millions of classified advertisements which appear in newspapers or the internet.But that is where the similarity ends.All the above ads, save for one, were supposed to have been published in Kaieteur News, but were pulled after it was found that some irregularities were involved. One, however,Cheap Jeseys NFL, slipped into the system for a few days.All three came from one client. Monies for the ads were sent via a third party, the advertising department said. What alerted the department to a possible scam was the fact that telephone numbers and address were the same and also that another advertisement for private investigative services had come from the same place.Police had stepped in at that time and the regulatory body in charge of registering local private investigation companies had issued a statement saying that service was not registered with them and as such is illegal.A few months ago, callers to the newspaper also complained of particularly one advertisement in which a business based in South Ruimveldt wanted a female office clerk. The salary was said to be $80,Jerseys Cheap NFL,000 monthly.Women who said they responded to the advertisement claimed they were sexually harassed by the man interviewing them.They also claimed that the interviewer placed conditions to the job that would involve sexual favours from the employee along the line. One even claimed that the man touched her in an inappropriate manner.To check on the allegations, a female Kaieteur News staffer had called the ‘company’,Cheap Jerseys, while claiming to be seeking a job.The man answering the call asked the female staffer about her last job; and about her experience. However he also asked her for her height,Wholesale China Jerseys, her looks, and whether she ever considered a career in modeling. After listening to a description, the man said that he was clearing his schedule and would immediately be available to conduct an interview. Kaieteur News then took the decision to drop the ad immediately.The newspaper has also been following the number of complaints leveled at Immigration Consultants and has decided also, as a matter of policy, not to carry these advertisements anymore.Several persons have reported to the police that some of these consultants have been taking huge sums of money and making all sorts of promises to get visas, US Green Cards,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Permanent Citizenship and other documents for their clients.US and Canadian officials in the past have warned that only the appropriate embassies and departments are authorized to process documents and even when one is granted a visa to the US, it does not guarantee automatic entry. Only the immigration officers at those ports can allow entry.While they may be familiar with the immigration system, Immigration consultants can only then play an advisory role.“They can fill forms and possibly advise and even help to submit documents. One has got to be careful. If it is too good to be true, then probably it is not,” a source with knowledge about immigration matters said.However some consultants reportedly promise that they can guarantee visas under a number of conditions.“I paid Mr.…(name given) US$6000 because he promised to get me a visa to Canada. It has been six years now and I still waiting. He tell me that under a section of Canadian law he can get me work there,” a client of one ‘consultant’ said.“I can’t get back my money and he said that that is for his services. The application was recently turned down he claimed after I threatened to take legal action.”There has been several documented case where persons doing business with a particular consultant were later told he had handed the business over to someone else. This was after large sums of money would have been paid for visas.Following complaints which appeared to verify that some advertisements were the work of scam artists, Kaieteur News Publisher Mr. Glenn Lall has the company’s advertising staffers will be giving all advertisements extra scrutiny.“We stand firm in doing our best to protect the public from these fraudulent advertisements. Kaieteur News will not stand by and allow anyone to be taken advantage of or scammed by wicked persons via ads appearing in this newspaper. It is simple; we don’t need the money. We are looking out for them,” he warned.
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