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Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 12 Sep 2017, 00:45 •  [Post 1]

On the heels of a double suicide on the Kingston seawalls,2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey, and a policeman being hospitalized after attempting suicide, President David Granger says, “The government will be doing a more detailed study to determine why soPresident Granger talks to the Press about Government’s plans to tackle suicide.many Guyanese continue to kill themselves.”At the Arthur Chung Convention Centre compound yesterday the President announced that his Government is committed to ensuring that it employs a stronger approach to tackle this growing problem to get to the root causes of this public health issue.Whilst admitting that Guyana’s rate of suicide is one of the highest in the hemisphere, he cannot conclusively say what is fueling the many incidents among the youth population. However, he noted that his Government is conducting investigations aimed at arriving at a more decisive action.Speaking to media operatives yesterday President David Granger said, “Happy people don’t kill themselves.” More detailed studies are being done, as a government, to remedy the situation.Dubbing the current situation in Guyana as “very troubling that so many young people are resorting so easily to suicide” the President said that as in the past,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, there remains a suicide hotline but there seems to be deeper  issues driving young people to opt to end their lives, a phenomenon that is being investigated.Noting that there can’t actually be a plan to stop suicide in all cases, as it is more a personal situation, studies have been conducted by the likes of Psychiatrist Dr. Frank Beckles.Removing suicidal people from chemicals that they use is not a solution because if someone wants to end his life, there remain other methods. Many persons use pesticides and others hang themselves or shoot themselves hence, the idea is to get to the cause  to look at the outcomes or the effects to find out why so many young people are committing Suicide the President said.On Monday, police investigators were called to the Kingston seawall after the bodies of Ramesh Beharry, 18 and Kavita Ackloo, 19, were found on the Seawall. Several bottles containing a poisonous substance were found close to their bodies. A policeman was admitted to hospital with a slim chance of survival after he reportedly ingested poison over domestic issues.Last week, Guyanese human rights activist Zenita Nicholson died after ingesting carbide tablets.In a statement issued yesterday the Indian Action (formerly Arrival) Committee (IAC) expressed sadness at the deaths of the young Indo-Guyanese couple whose bodies were discovered in the vicinity of the Kingston Seawall late Monday afternoon.While the official cause of death is yet to be determined, the IAC noted that it appears from what is in the public domain, that suicide may have been the reason. If true, the group noted that it once again highlights the tragic consequences of this social scourge that continues to plague the society.The IAC also made reference to the recent suicide in the City where well-known activist, Zenita Nicholson,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, bringing into focus that even those who appear strong and are there to provide guidance, are also vulnerable.This underlines the IAC’s position on suicide, that while it may be more prevalent in some Indo-Guyanese communities, it is not confined therein.Also, it further underpins and fortifies the IAC’s repeated calls in the past for suicide to be declared a national priority.The IAC had called on the People’s Progressive Party Civic to heed the call and make the declaration. It made a similar call on the current A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU +AFC) government to see merit in the request.While the IAC is pleased that the request has been positively received by this government and that there are ongoing engagements for its eventual unfolding, it believes that the declaration must have the full support of all stakeholders including the Opposition.The continual and seemingly growing impact of suicide affects families, communities and the country as a whole. Guyana can ill afford to have such losses in its human resources. It is in this context that IAC is urging for a swift declaration and calls on civil society to lend support.More so,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the IAC reiterates its call on all social and religious organizations to intensify their efforts to provide guidance and counseling where necessary to aid in the mitigation of this social ill. The IAC stands ready to work with the Administration and civil society through meaningful engagements in helping to deriving useful mechanisms with regard to suicide.The IAC encourages those who may, for whatever reason be contemplating or would have already, unfortunately,Wholesale Jerseys, develop suicidal tendencies, to seek assistance, despite the challenges, through the family,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, places of worship, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) that provide related services or anyone or place of choice.
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