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Cheap NFL Jerseys China 000 to $600

Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 14 Sep 2017, 07:48 •  [Post 1]

Less than six months after appointing a new Director, the University of Guyana (UG) has once again begun the search for a new Director of the University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC).Prof. Daizal Samad tendered his resignation from the campus with effect from October 4, 2013, and has proceeded on leave. He had expressed dissatisfaction at being “dictated to” to run the campus.Samad said that since his resignation,Wholesale Jerseys USA, he has not spoken to or met with new Vice- Chancellor, Prof. Jacob Opadeyi but related that President Donald Ramotar has spoken with him and was very supportive.“I will never say a word bad about His Excellency. He is a good man; kind to me personally…The man listens but this is an issue where we got to be listening much more than if we’re talking about a piece of road.”While he believes Ramotar “is thinking very deeply about the issue”, he believes the government can do more. “Any government or any politician that sees and does that which is good for its people,NFL Jerseys Supply, will prosper.“His Excellency said simply that no one is indispensible and he is right. In America, no one is indispensible.“It makes no sense to me,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, that a place like Turkeyen, that has collapsed, would exercise this kind of control over a successful enterprise.”When asked if resigning was the last resort to him staying on the job and helping to fight the issues between UGBC and Turkeyen,Cheap Football Jerseys, Samad stated that he has tried over the past years, and “I’ve been fighting a battle for the last four-and- a-half years, so am I just giving up? No!”“We were winning but we were winning way against the odds,” he said. “When you start gouging our budget and saying you have no authority to do anything and when we produce to you, new administrative structures at the cost of US$250,000…and it’s all thrown to the wind,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, you got to stop.”Another difference with UGBC and Turkeyen,Cheap Air Max 90, he added, is that Turkeyen is in favour of raising tuition fees from $127,000 to $250,000. Law programmes could go from $300,000 to $600,000; medicine from $500,000 per year to $1M per year. “Who has that kind of money?!”Samad believes the government has been “inactive” regarding the affairs and happenings at the Berbice campus over the past months, as well. “It doesn’t mean that our government doesn’t care…You need to act on this and our government has been profoundly generous to both campuses.”He noted, too, that he developed a Strategic Planning Engine from a model he knew from the Sultanate of Oman, “big money place—and it worked!” He claims Turkeyen rejected this plan.Prof Samad does not believe it is too late for him to reconsider and return on the job after October 4, 2013 and is making an appeal to the government and UG Council to give UGBC the chance to work on its own.“I don’t believe it is too late…what is late is the political will…I think Turkeyen is a lost cause.” “There is a turning back; but if we have autonomy—full autonomy. I am not saying we will not cooperate with Turkeyen…”
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